EcoSys EPC (Enterprise Planning & Controls) is a full lifecycle Project Controls software platform.  This means EPC delivers the industry’s deepest capabilities across the full spectrum of solutions that project and program professionals need to effectively control costs, manage resources, and improve all facets of project performance – from long-range capital planning and portfolio management, through the immediate and real-time information needs of project execution.

EcoSys EPC Portal Screen

Unlike other solutions, however, all of EcoSys EPC is contained in one software platform.  There is no need to purchase separate modules and components.  This makes EcoSys EPC ideal as a long-term investment.  Use EPC for your current needs in just one or a few areas, then easily scale to adapt to your organization’s evolving planning and controls needs over time.

Also explore the features and benefits of EcoSys EPC, as well as the software’s application for specific industries.