By their nature, Capital Programs are complicated.  They are expansive in their vision, scale, budget, and time-horizon.  Traditionally, much of the management and control of these programs has been performed with Excel spreadsheets, which are unsuitable for the volume of data involved.  This has led to unproductive use of resources and the high potential for data errors.

Capital Program ManagementEcoSys is a robust, web-based capital program management software system with off-the-shelf functionality designed to develop and control long-range capital programs.  The software is easy to use and easy to adapt to the specific requirements of the program.  The platform delivers capabilities for capital program planning and funding, contract and project setup, grant management, change management, project cost management and reporting.

Capital Planning

As a comprehensive program management software platform, EcoSys was designed to address the multitude of activities required to effectively begin and manage a capital planning initiative.  Capital project request and approval workflow including evaluating, ranking, and selecting projects for a capital plan is handled by the software’s extensive project portfolio management (PPM) capabilities.

Obviously a critical part of capital planning is the management of funding sources.  EcoSys delivers a comprehensive ability to manage an unlimited number of internal or external funding sources in easy-to-use Excel-like spreadsheets.  Easily track available funds, committed funds and the allocation of funds to projects.  Then, be able to report based on actual expenditures and by funding source, or other critical summary attributes.

With the software’s capital budgeting capabilities, organizations like public agencies and private joint ventures maintain annual and multi-year capital budgets, and align budget plans with strategic initiatives and targets.  Define each step of the budget management process, and support different processes for different groups within an organization.  Budget versions are saved for each step of the way for comparison, trending, and auditing.

Similarly, EcoSys users can perform unlimited “what-if” scenarios and capture each version as a separate scenario for comparison purposes.  These scenarios can be created using different criteria (e.g. by project or funding source).   Scenarios based on changes in key inputs or assumptions can by analyzed and simulated.

Program Execution

EcoSys capital program management software was built to support an unlimited number of projects.  As a result, once the projects that comprise the capital plan begin implementation, the software is the ideal tool to tie program execution to the strategic intent.  EcoSys can serve as the principal capital program management dashboard and reporting solution, and support information delivery to all stakeholders.

Either by capturing data directly or through best-in-class bi-directional integration capabilities, EcoSys compares actual performance against budgets and forecasts giving users the flexibly to report on performance against targets and commitments.  Projects can be tracked by name, classification, project manager, etc.  EcoSys can calculate, track and report on variances and allow the user to enter variance explanations for those accounts over the determined threshold.

Solution Highlights

  • Build multi-year capital plans
  • Manage annual and multi-year capital budgets
  • Align budget plans with strategic initiatives, organizational targets, and regulatory commitments
  • Create project evaluation criteria and score projects for inclusion in the program
  • Manage AFEs (authorization for expenditure) and compare against budgets/forecasts/commitments
  • Manage funds from one or more funding sources (i.e. for joint ventures or public agency programs)
  • Model cash flows and perform what-if analysis of investment scenarios
  • View and report on data by fiscal period, project lifecycle, funding source
  • Manage and report across projects by portfolio/programs/project types


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