Project Portfolio Management (PPM) is a discipline focused on aligning organizational strategy with the projects that are executed.  EcoSys EPC is a unique PPM software platform, applying its robust budgeting, funding, and cost controls capabilities to project selection, prioritization, and portfolio optimization.

EcoSys EPC for Project Portfolio Management

EcoSys EPC facilitates the entire PPM process, including strategic planning, capital planning, budgeting and resource management, as well as risk assessment and project initiation.   EcoSys EPC aligns project selection with an organization’s budgeting processes, ensuring that projects match priorities, support fiscal budgets, and are achievable with the available workforce.

EPC delivers program visibility, KPI metrics, report automation, and standardization of processes for business cases and ROI development, in order to ensure that organizations are engaging in the projects critical to their strategic plans.

Portfolio Controls: Planning Meets Execution

Project Portfolio Management software unlocks even more value when it allows organizations to track and forecast performance. With EcoSys EPC, executives can monitor Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and earned value through dashboards tailored to show the information they are most interested in, and drill into the details as needed. Performance metrics can be viewed by portfolio, strategic priority, owner, etc., based on project execution data managed in the same integrated PPM software solution.

Solution Highlights

  • Initiate projects and programs through forms and workflow approvals
  • Align project selection with organizational priorities
  • Maximize fiscal budgets (Capital, Expense, O&M, etc) based on “bottom up” project forecasts
  • Balance workforce resource supply and demand for maximum utilization
  • View scorecards and KPIs based on the organization’s established standards
  • Perform unlimited “what-if” scenario analysis
  • Develop fiscal and long-range capital plans
  • Fund selected projects and track their progress over time
  • Develop business cases and provide supporting materials such as cost-benefit analyses
  • Develop risk factors or integrate risk assessments from other systems to inform project scoring
  • Define role-based dashboards for executives, portfolio/program managers, project managers, project controllers, and other internal or external stakeholders


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