This event has now passed – thank you to all who joined! Stay tuned for the next TUF meeting!

Are you an EcoSys customer?
Join the virtual EcoSys Technical User Forum (TUF)! We are excited to offer a virtual version of our traditional EcoSyS TUF! The free, half-day forum is designed to encourage our customers to connect and learn from each other while advancing their knowledge of EcoSys.
The forum will be facilitated by the elected TUF board and the EcoSys product team. However, we will still heavily rely on your participation and involvement. 

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We look forward to seeing you online!

Virtual EcoSys Technical User Forum (TUF) Agenda
Tuesday, October 20, 2020
12:30-3:30pm Central Time

12:30 – 12:45pm Welcome & Introduction A brief welcome and introductions from the EcoSys Technical User Forum coordinators.
12:45 – 1:30pm How do you approach a new config? – Presentation and Roundtable

As EcoSys configurators, we all know that moment when we have a sufficient grasp of the business needs at hand, and now ask ourselves: “Well, how exactly should I build this?”

We all know how the building blocks work. Cost objects have these characteristics and tasks have those ones, etc. But when we are looking at that blank canvas, where should we start? Are there general rules of thumb we should follow? How might we graphically “map out” a configuration ahead-of-time to help us foresee potential dead-ends? How do the pros do this?

To assist our configurator community in this regard, we are very grateful to have Travis Stoner, EcoSys Product Owner at Hexagon PPM and configurator of the Standard Product, with us to share some of his insights. This will segue into an open-forum best-practices discussion.

Please consider sharing with the group how you approach the design of a new module within EcoSys, as well as lessons learned from possible past missteps (I know that I have a few of those).
We’re looking forward to an informative and fun session, and one in which we all come away with a new best-practice or two that we can apply to our day-to-day work!

1:30 – 2:15pm Introduction to EcoSys Assure EcoSys Assure is the automated testing tool developed by Hexagon to drive functional regression testing of EcoSys. Automated testing means the automation tool executes the test, instead of requiring manual testing. EcoSys Assure can enter test data into the system, compare expected and actual results, and generate test reports that detail the test results. EcoSys upgrades and releases require the execution of the same test repeatedly. EcoSys Assure enables the system tester to design the required test suites and execute it as needed, ultimately speeding up release and upgrade cycles.
2:15 – 2:30pm 15 minute break
2:30 – 3:20pm Configuration Birds & Bees: Everything you wanted to know about configuration but keep forgetting ask! Submit your questions via the registration form.

How many times have you been configuring something within EcoSys when, once again, you come across that one ‘thing’ that causes you to ask “How does this work anyways? I really need to remember to ask someone about this. But not right now, I’m just too busy.” And then, six months later, you arrive back at the same exact spot, asking yourself the same exact same question. Rinse, repeat.

This session is about finally asking those questions, and getting some expert answers from others in our community! For example, some of mine are:

  • What does the Screen Settings Save Mode setting for a formula parameter actually do (if anything)?
  • What is the difference between setting the default screen settings for a spreadsheet, vs. setting the default screen settings for a screen layout that contains said spreadsheet?
  • What does a Source Report within an Update action do? Could this save me time somehow?

To make this session work however, we have to write these questions down ahead of time! (so that we don’t, once again, forget them)

As such, please visit the EcoSys Configurators Google Group to submit your ‘things’ ahead of this discussion, and let’s see if we can dispel some urban legends and/or perhaps learn a new trick or two!

3:20 – 3:30pm Closing comments and Next Steps Brief closing remarks and look ahead to future TUF events!