July 30th, 2021

At Hexagon, we are passionate about your success. To help you achieve your goals with EcoSys, we offer comprehensive, easy to use documentation providing quick answers to your questions.  You will find a wide range of information in this documentation from configuration of EcoSys tools, such as spreadsheets and reports, to business processes within the EcoSys Standard Product, including project setup, budgeting, and forecasting. The online EcoSys documentation is not intended for linear use; context-specific links and search bars allow for easy navigation of content, enabling you to find what you need. Images and examples make complex topics easier to understand – you will find both in our documentation.

You will also find that as EcoSys is upgraded, the documentation changes too – whenever a new EcoSys feature or new version of the Standard Product is released, you will always find online documentation to go along with it. Better yet, this documentation can be accessed right from within EcoSys or directly from the documentation site!

Accessing the EcoSys Help from EcoSys

For each process screen in the Standard Product, you will find a collapsed Help panel on the right with hyperlinked topics related to the current screen.

To access EcoSys Help:

  • Once in EcoSys, navigate to any module to locate the collapsed Help panel on the right side of the EcoSys screen
  • Click the arrow to expand the Help panel


  • Once expanded, the Help panel will display content-specific hyperlinked Help topics
  • Click one of the topics to display the Help content, which will redirect you to the Hexagon PPM Documentation site (which we will cover in the next section)


Answers to Your Questions – Anytime from Anywhere

All EcoSys product documentation, including interactive, searchable user guides, and installation and maintenance manuals, are available on the Hexagon PPM Documentation website. This easy to navigate online documentation is accessible from anywhere via mobile devices or computers.

What is on the documentation site?

  • EcoSys Guides in the form of Books






  • Linked Table of Contents









  • Goal-oriented sections
  • Easy to follow Diagrams








  • Easy to use Feedback tool – so we can continue to improve to meet your needs!

User Account Features that Make your Job Easier

Saved searches, bookmarks, alerts, and personal books help you get more done. With your free user account, you will have access to utilize any of these features along with full access to the documentation found on the Hexagon PPM documentation site.

To create a new user account, navigate to the Hexagon PPM documentation site and click “Sign Up”.







These user account features include:

  • Saved Searches: Save your frequently used filters so you can quickly narrow results







  • Bookmarks: Create bookmarks to easily reference information




  • Alerts: Receive emails whenever content matching search criteria is updated







  • Personal Books: Combine any existing topics, create your own topics, add notes to topics

Check out the Hexagon PPM documentation website today and quickly find the answers you are looking for! Get immediate guidance when working with any of the EcoSys tools or get step-by-step instructions for working with any of the Standard Product screens and processes. Find information quickly with search functionality, linked Table of Contents, and sections that can guide you to achieving specific tasks. Make your job easier through saving searches, setting bookmarks, activating alerts, and setting up personal books with an easy to create user account!


Learn more about EcoSys functionality and features  in one of our Training courses, ranging from introductory to advanced. New to EcoSys? The TECO2000 Introduction to EcoSys Configuration course, designed for technical and business leaders, provides an introduction to EcoSys configuration. Or attend our TECO3000 EcoSys Administration course for an introduction to EcoSys Administration with a functional admin focus. For more information or to register today, visit the EcoSys Training website!

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