August 31st, 2017

Earned Value Management (EVM) is a method using specific metrics to measure, forecast, and ultimately improve project performance. EVM has been shown to be a very strong indicator of the future performance of a project. In fact, when EVM is effectively deployed, it can be used to predict project performance +/- 10% when the project is only 20% complete.

Traditionally, EVM has been applied only on very large government contracts that mandated rigorous standards and practices. But now, companies are realizing the power of EVM to assess productivity and to more accurately forecast. They are starting to apply earned value principles on a wider range of projects.

EcoSys helps you capture progress at as high and simple of a level as necessary to provide meaningful information. With this core input, you can efficiently use past performance metrics combined with cost and schedule data to easily apply EVM to your projects.

Check out this whitepaper to learn more about EVM, how EcoSys makes it easy, and why it is the executive’s secret weapon for driving optimized project performance.

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