October 30th, 2012

From time to time, we’re asked about “Financial Manager.”  You can still find reference to that product name scattered across the web.  In January 2011, EcoSys Financial Manager was officially renamed EcoSys EPC (Enterprise Planning & Controls). The following addresses some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) regarding the name change:

Why did your product name change from Financial Manager to EPC?
Our software had evolved and grown since its debut in 2006. The EPC name better describes our ability to deliver project and program planning and cost controls solutions optimized for both the public and private sectors.

What does EPC mean?
EPC stands for “Enterprise Planning & Controls.”

Is EcoSys EPC only for EPC (Engineering, Procurement, & Construction) firms?
No.  While EcoSys EPC provides a great number of benefits for EPC firms, the software is used extensively by both contractors and owners in a variety of industries.

How is EPC different from Financial Manager?
The product is the same. Only the name has changed.

What’s new in EPC?
While the name change did not accompany a new software release, multiple releases and countless updates have been made since the name change.  We invite you to read about the advantages of EcoSys EPC as a project controls software solution, and review the list of key features.

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