EcoSys is an integrated, web-based platform purpose-built to improve the performance of projects, portfolios and contracts. As the global standard for Enterprise Projects Performance software, EcoSys provides the deepest capabilities to support the full life cycle of projects – from project portfolio management, to project controls, to contract management. EcoSys bridges the gap that has traditionally existed between planning and managing project execution.

Why an Enterprise Projects Performance Solution?

Executives, portfolio managers, project controllers, cost analysts and those responsible for monitoring and improving project performance need to be able to answer fundamental questions quickly and easily. The questions appear straightforward – Have we selected the right projects? What is the current budget? How much has been spent? Why has the forecast changed? Are we performing efficiently? – unfortunately, in most cases finding the answers is daunting and difficult.

Organizations have lacked the proper tools. Finance and ERP systems have proven cumbersome and too rigid for project planning and cost controls since they focus on accounting needs. Scheduling systems lack the necessary focus on costs and historical data. Even organizations delivering large mega projects still rely heavily on Excel spreadsheets and manual, disconnected processes for project budgeting, forecasting, and performance measurement. These manual processes for data manipulation and cost reporting are time consuming, error-prone, and leave little time for analysis and making performance improving recommendations.

Why EcoSys?

Despite the deep planning, cost control, and contract management capabilities, EcoSys is easy-to-use. It leverages an Excel-like interface, but runs on a database with full business rule enforcement, audit trail, and role-based security. The system allows customers to tailor spreadsheets, formulas, reports and even terminology to create the best possible fit for an organization’s specific industry and internal needs.

The Three Pillars of EcoSys

All products in the EcoSys platform – EcoSys Portfolios, EcoSys Projects, and EcoSys Contracts – leverage three core capabilities that build upon each other to create a robust, self-reinforcing system for driving projects performance.

  1. The ability to implement built-in best practices developed from years of working closely with global leaders in project delivery.
  2. A world-class integration platform facilitating the creation of a “single version of the truth” that encompasses data from schedules, cost actuals, commitments, time-sheets, and more.
  3. The built-in business intelligence & reporting engine to provide automated, real-time reports and dashboards, controlled by end users rather than IT or outside consultants

EcoSys is a different kind of software platform which delivers a holistic, enterprise-wide perspective on improving the performance of projects. EcoSys provides a superior experience having been engineered to be easy-to-use, flexible, and responsive. We invite you to read, explore, and learn more about the EcoSys Advantage.