EcoSys is an easy-to-use, web-based software platform designed to provide full life cycle, organization-wide visibility into portfolio, project, and contract performance within a single system. The following is a sampling of our product features which help deliver the EcoSys advantage to our full spectrum of Enterprise Projects Performance solutions.

Projects Performance Support

  • Centralized repository for all project costs
  • Standardized cost control structures with project-specific flexibility
  • Scalable for large enterprises and capital programs
  • Powerful reporting
  • Time-Phasing: Time-phase budgets, forecasts, estimates, and funding for all types of costs, quantities, and hours, including payments, commitments and changes.
  • Dynamically re-plan and analyze from different perspectives
  • Trend analysis and contingency
  • Dashboards & Executive Visibility
  • Define and enforce change control processes
  • “What-If” scenario planning & comparisons
  • Comprehensive multi-currency management
  • Historical Data and Auditing

 Technology Design

  • Web based and scalable: With virtually no limits on number of transactions, projects, hierarchy structures, levels, EcoSys can accommodate the largest projects and organizations within a single central database accessed via a standard web browser.
  • Industry-leading systems integration
  • Ease of Implementation: Rapid software implementation through configuration rather than complex customization.
  • Advanced Formulas:  EcoSys has a powerful formula editor, using the same library of formula functions as Excel.
  • Unlimited versioning and snapshots
  • Unlimited custom fields


  • Configurable web-based spreadsheets, forms, reports, and dashboards
  • Role-based security
  • Drilldown visibility
  • Built-in end user report builder
  • Management by non-technical resources: Setting up and modifying the EcoSys configuration does not require technical resources or custom programming, creating a transparent solution that can be transferred and managed internally by power business users.
  • Address multiple maturity levels in one enterprise system: The EcoSys application allows you to scale for each area of the organization and maturity level simultaneously.


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