Capital projects today face many process inefficiencies and barriers to collaboration. Effective project execution requires the input and collaboration of individuals in varied roles across diverse geographies – be it a contractor who observes an issue at the project site, a construction supervisor who needs to review and approve that day’s progress from the field, a project controls analyst assessing the impact of a change, or an executive who wants to review the status of their project portfolio while traveling.

EcoSys Mobile App Platform


The EcoSys Mobile App Platform breaks down the collaboration barriers with an easy-to-adopt solution that provides improved project team visibility and information sharing. Organizations can use the mobile app platform to quickly configure mobile apps that directly address the communication and collaboration needs of their projects, or leverage the pre-configured apps available right out of the box.

Easily Build Your Own Unique Apps

Mobile app development can be a huge burden on IT teams, yet these apps are critical to an organization’s ability to remain competitive. Efficiency gains by project reams will depend heavily on enterprise mobility, and data analytics tied to mobile apps will enable better business decisions. Tools that can produce apps more easily and rapidly are crucial for enterprises to meet demand and remain competitive.

In addition to pre-packaged mobile apps, the EcoSys Mobile App Platform is open and configurable allowing customers to easily build their own unique mobile apps. The apps are created without any IT programming or integration effort, and once installed on mobile devices, will self-update automatically as new configuration is published. They offer rapid and easy deployment, reducing implementation time from months to days.

“Out-of-the-Box” Apps

For organizations seeking to adopt industry best practices in a rapid fashion, EcoSys provides out-of-the-box mobile apps for the most in-demand project controls requirements. These apps can be tailored to align with an organization’s specific data attributes and business rules.

    • Progress Reporting: Enables users to record project progress in real-time and submit this information to supervisors for review and approval. Progress can be recorded in various methods, based on the type of work being executed. This app eliminates the need for paper-based field reporting processes and promotes improved efficiency by providing a user-friendly experience for all disciplines.
    • Change Management: This app allows users to easily raise project change requests as well as review and approve changes that are in their court. It provides an increased level of efficiency and visibility through the change management lifecycle, and minimizes delays inherent on projects.
    • Issues Tracker: This app empowers any individual to quickly and easily raise issues identified while working on a project. It enables users to report potential problems and concerns through text and/or photos, record updates, and also allows managers to review and promote submitted issues.
    • Executive Reporting & Analytics: This app gives project executives, managers, and stakeholders real-time visibility into project and portfolio performance, with rich interactive graphics.


EcoSys Mobile Apps are available for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. They operate in both online and offline modes. EcoSys Mobile apps support advanced security requirements, including robust encryption and authentication options.


EcoSys Mobile App Platform Demo

Dylan Winbourn

Sales Engineer, EcoSys

Dylan gives a quick demonstration of the EcoSys Mobile App Platform at the 2016 EcoSys User Conference at HxGN LIVE.