The EcoSys platform contains a robust reporting engine that helps deliver visibility and insights into the performance of your projects.  Unlike other tools, EcoSys does not require a separate reporting system—reporting is fully contained within the core application.

EcoSys Reports and Charting

Powerful Full-Visibility Reporting

Stemming from the powerful and advanced data architecture within the EcoSys logic and reporting engine, EcoSys reports act like the ultimate pivot table.  Gain 360° visibility by applying powerful filters to “slice-and-dice” data.  Access reports by choosing from all possible criteria from funding sources, projects, cost and size ranges, fiscal periods, etc.  For example, contractors can generate client reports according to classifications required in their contracts, and then use the same data to generate different reports using internal categories.  Data is real-time so changes made within EcoSys can be seen immediately.

End-User Report Writer

EcoSys’ built-in report writer was designed to be used by end users: no programming is required.  The report building interface is the same interface that is used to build data entry screens and business rules logic, so it is quick to learn how to navigate and tailor the system.  Never again wait 6 months for an external consultant to build a single report.  Respond to ad hoc reporting requests quickly and accurately.

Tabular Reports, Graphical Charts, and Dashboards

EcoSys comes with a library of pre-defined tabular and graphical reports, templates and dashboards. These pre-defined reports, templates and dashboards can also be modified by users that have been granted appropriate access rights.  Any tabular report can be turned into a graphical report and vice versa in EcoSys. EcoSys supports rich and informative graphics.

Excel Template Reports

EcoSys provides organizations that have already settled on the look and feel of standard reports in an Excel format the ability to easily output EcoSys reports into those existing Excel formats. This allows Excel reports that were previously created manually and painstakingly to be run in EcoSys with just one click in a consistent and repeatable fashion. Any format supported by Excel can be automatically generated out of the software, including tabbed workbooks consisting of multiple reports.

Report Output Options

Reports can be output to PDF, Excel, Word, XML, HTML, or CSV files so the data can either be used for viewing externally or to feed external systems.   EcoSys also publishes a data mart that can be used to serve data to 3rd party reporting platforms like Business Objects.

Automated and User-Initiated Reporting

Reports can be run on-demand or can be scheduled to run as batches and scheduled jobs.

Formula Builder

EcoSys formulas are very powerful in that they can be defined centrally and then re-used as fields anywhere in the application whether on data entry spreadsheets, forms, reports, and charts.

Global and User-Specific Reports

Individual users can create their own reports, or allow them to use only centrally created reports.


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