EcoSys is a modern, 100% web-based software platform. The system was architected from its inception as a multi-user, multi-project enterprise web application.

EcoSys provides lightweight, rich HTML/AJAX functionality, role-based security, and robust dashboards and reporting. The software offers flexible configuration capabilities without the need for customizations, ensuring that software support and upgrades are always available.

All EcoSys products – EcoSys Portfolios, EcoSys Projects, and EcoSys Contracts – are part of one fully-integrated software system; there is no need to integrate separate modules and technology platforms.

Platform Architecture

EcoSys is entirely web-based, granting users full access to all features using only a web browser. This architecture eliminates the need to install client software or browser plug-ins, and upgrades are centralized and easy to deploy. EcoSys has been architected with enterprise performance and scalability as key elements of its design:

  • EcoSys runs on either Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server database platforms
  • The middle tier runs on industry-leading application server technologies and is scalable vertically and horizontally
  • Core technologies of Java and DHTML provide a secure, scalable, and responsive platform
  • Systems administrators have access to integrated system performance metrics and resource monitoring tools
EcoSys Project Controls Technology and Architecture

Rich integration is supported for all areas of the data model through the EcoSys SOA/Web Services API and a robust file-based integration for XML, Text, and Exel file formats.


EcoSys’ logic and reporting engine is the component that enables many of the defining elements of the software platform — configurable views, forms, and dashboards, built-in reporting, tailorable business logic, and role-based security. It underlies both interactive screens in the web user-interface and all integration technologies.

The engine’s powerful architecture and sophisticated design also delivers exceptional performance. Select features include:

  • Execution of calculations in parallel threads for maximum performance and responsiveness
  • Strategic in-memory and disk caching speeds up access to common data

EcoSys supports many millions of records, advanced reporting, and serves an integral role in managing some of the world’s largest and most complex projects.