Wed, March 06, 2019 - Thu, March 07, 2019
9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Radisson Blu hotel
Al Bida Al Tawoun Street
Salwa, 13122

VP of Business Development, Martin van Vliet, will be presenting during the Kuwait Project Management Conference!

Presentation time: March 7, 11 AM

Enhancing Predictability to Achieve World-Class Project Performance

Adopting the Pillars of Project Predictability to Achieve World-Class Project Performance.

It’s well known that the construction industry lags other sectors in technology adoption, productivity and predictability. Deloitte notes that construction invests just 1.5% of revenue in IT, less than half of the average for all industries. And while Digital Transformation is important, it won’t address all challenges, especially those particular to culture and human behavior.

As a result, the industry’s ability to accurately predict cost and schedule outcomes has been severely restricted, massively impacting the bottom line of many organizations, as well as management and investor confidence. Given Wall Street speaks the language of predictability, executives must attain fluency on the subject. They must demonstrate leadership by institutionalizing proactive behaviors modeled by revamped incentive programs.

Rather than traditional Variance Analysis, incentives should be driven by predictable delivery. Simply put, a project delivered with a 30% overrun learned 20% into a project duration provides ample time for course correction versus one learned 90% through. Effective course correction results in reduced cost and schedule variance, i.e. improved predictability breeds better project control. And better financial outcomes.

We will discuss the following:

  • The Construction Industry Institute’ s (CII) Predictability Index and its role in improving Project Performance.
  • How your business and the entire industry can increase shareholder value by making measurable improvements in predictability.
  • How to achieve Enterprise Project Performance by using best practices.


Presenter Short Biography

Martin van Vliet has a career with over 20 years of experience in the Cost Engineering profession, providing services around estimating, planning, project controls to improve Project Performance. With Hexagon PPM, Martin leads the EcoSys Business Development team in Europe. His primary role consists of planning, managing, executing strategy to optimize Hexagon’s market position in the global project controls market.

Prior to Hexagon, Martin spent most of his career with Cost Engineering Consultancy, as Business Director, responsible to build and maintain relational networks and approach new leads, prospects and existing customers to strengthen the company’s order portfolio for the software and consultancy department.