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Track Overview: Defeating the Status Quo for Superior Enterprise Project Performance in the Next Normal

Project Performance has lagged for far too long, despite concerted efforts to improve. Now, as the world re-evaluates and charts a course to a more digital “next normal,” this track explores the requirements to make real change in the pursuit of project efficiency, predictability and control. We’ll hear from Hexagon experts as well as two customers who are already making significant strides today to be ready for whatever surprises tomorrow has to offer.

Wednesday, November 4, 2020 – Day 1


Back to Basics: Critical Project Performance Fundamentals for the Road Ahead

Artificial Intelligence. Machine Learning. Predictive Analytics. They’re great and represent a huge step forward. But can you go zooming on this high-speed rail when you haven’t yet laid the tracks? We discuss the pillars of information you and your organization need in place to enable proactive, data-driven decision making that dramatically improves project performance.


Technology & Projects in Chaotic Times: A Conversation with Burns & McDonnell

How does an organization respond to macroeconomic shocks? Technology can be a huge boon to agility and responsiveness, but it also takes vision and preparation. Join us for a discussion with Patty Sullivan, who is leading the way on Burns & McDonnell’s strategic initiatives.


Project Data Integration: The Future’s Great Enabler

We’ve heard it before: Silos of information. Manual processes. Inefficiency. Errors. Lack of control. But when critical information comes together, it unlocks the potential we seek – from data-centric progress measurement to cost predictability to regular and systemic achievement of financial and strategic goals. In this session, we highlight the evolution of data integration, where we’re headed and how to build autonomy into your systems.


Thursday, November 5, 2020 – Day 2


Digitally Transforming Projects at Georgia Pacific

Georgia-Pacific is one of the world’s leading makers of tissue, pulp, packaging, building products and related chemicals. In this session, we hear directly from GP on its approach to capital projects, its path to digital transformation and improved project performance through concerted efforts to increase maturity, and how Hexagon technologies have helped enable these initiatives.

9:25am The Project Performance Mandate: Getting Serious about Disruption

The status quo is dangerous for projects. The landscape in most organizations is littered with point solutions, homegrown solutions and redundant solutions. While projects are the engines of growth for so many businesses – despite increasing size, volume, complexity and scrutiny – so much of project performance management relies on spreadsheets. And the failures continue.

Decades ago, organizations rallied around finance’s need for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. Yet no similar mandate has galvanized for a strategic, full lifecycle standard for projects. How do we prove the need and the business case? What’s the real value? Join us as we dismantle the status quo and identify the strategic objectives for projects that will carry your organization through the next normal.


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