EcoSys has worked closely with the Engineering & Construction industry to continually improve the state of the art in project controls solutions for owners and contractors around the world. The result is EcoSys, a comprehensive enterprise software solution for managing all engineering and construction project costs.

EcoSys provides full lifecycle project controls, from long-range asset management to project execution.  Compare bids, estimates, forecasts, commitments and actual performance side by side. Achieve visibility and cost reporting automation. Measure progress and earned value while managing changes in this easy-to-use and flexible solution. EcoSys is the most configurable planning and controls software available, allowing extensive tailoring of terminology, business processes, data views, and reports with minimal IT support and without requiring any programming.

While providing cost controllers all of the tools needed for rigorous day-to-day cost controls, the system’s enterprise level visibility, rollups and custom dashboards also provide executives, stakeholders, partners, customers and senior managers with guidance in making the right business decisions.

Addressing Industry Specific Challenges

Whether you’re a contractor looking to improve gross margins for EcoSys projects or an owner seeking better ROI through effective project cash flow management, EcoSys delivers the tools and capabilities to help drive project and financial performance.

Through our years of collaboration with leading owners and contractors in the Engineering and Construction Industry, EcoSys’ highly configurable system has emerged with the capabilities to directly address the inherent challenges you face, from managing the unique cost controls needs of multi-phase, long-term projects to advanced multi-currency management for the demands of international construction projects.  Gain visibility into the impact of contracting strategies and price volatility on project performance.

Capital Budget Planning

EcoSys provides robust features for annual and multi-year budget planning, budget requests, and approvals. Budgets can be managed top-down, from organization lines of business down to projects and phases. Define your own rules around approving, changing and locking down budgets.

Budgeting & Forecasting

Develop and control detailed budgets and forecasts with an easy-to-use web system. EcoSys allows you to manage budget changes through your specific change management process, and to perform what-if scenarios to develop forecasts.

Performance Measurement

Many firms have different systems and departments to monitor cost and schedule performance. The software integrates multiple sources of information to provide a unified budget performance and schedule performance view from the organizational level down to individual work packages.

EcoSys supports advanced earned value measurement that matches your existing processes and maturity, from simple earned value management to full compliance with the ANSI 748 standard.  With the software, manage detailed progress measures on engineering and construction work scope.

Addressing Global Projects

Projects are increasingly global. EcoSys is designed to address the inherent complexity that comes with distributed teams working on projects with costs in multiple currencies.  Facilitate communication and execution of global strategies (when engineering offices are in India and construction is in the U.S., for example).  Manage currency impacts on project performance.  Record activity in native currencies, but issue reports in a single currency.

Profitability for Contractors

EcoSys is designed to help manage gross margins and drive profitability for EcoSys projects regardless of contract type – lump sum/fixed price, cost plus, time and materials, etc.  Model cash flows and apply standard or custom cost curves.  Manage all aspects of project controls for both internal and client reporting.

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