Taxpayers and funding authorities are demanding greater transparency and accountability from their state agencies and local municipalities.  Ultimately, the question asked is whether public funds are being used effectively.  In many cases, however, the tools used to analyze and control project performance are either not up to the complexity of the task or are comprised of offline spreadsheets that require inefficient use of resources to manually compile reports.

EcoSys provides state and local agencies with a web-based platform for integrating capital planning, funds management, cost controls and performance reporting in a single, easy-to-use system.

Capital Planning and Funds Management

EcoSys provides a complete solution for capital planning and funds management. State and local agencies can prioritize and justify capital investment decisions, develop and approve capital budgets, and manage all project funding including fund allocation. Role-based dashboards allow stakeholders at all levels of the organization to participate in planning, whether approving budgets, or monitoring performance. Local plans can be consolidated into regional or statewide plans without the need to manually consolidate countless spreadsheets.

Project Cost Management

EcoSys delivers full lifecycle project cost management to assist agencies with planning, measuring, and improving project performance. The software provides configurable Excel-like tools for estimating, budgeting, forecasting, contract management, resource management, and performance measurement. EcoSys serves as an integration platform, bringing together data from multiple systems, including general ledger/ERP, scheduling, HR, asset management, work and contract management systems. With a complete set of project cost reports and a built-in report writer, EcoSys automates reporting to provide faster, more accurate information. Resources are freed from data manipulation and given the time to truly analyze data, making recommendations that will drive cost performance.


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