EcoSys Enterprise Project Performance software will arm you with a centralized, standardized approach to prioritizing, selecting and executing every transportation infrastructure project. It’s a single platform that spans project portfolio management, project controls and project management, so you’ll have more visibility into performance and can ensure all stakeholders collaborate effectively.


Leading transportation infrastructure agencies and contractors trust EcoSys:

Manage funds. Eliminate overruns. Inspire stakeholder confidence

Transportation Infrastructure Solution Sheet

Key Benefits of EcoSys for Transportation Infrastructure

EcoSys helps you select and plan for the projects that best position you for success. From there, you can manage funds and optimize resources to ensure you and your team deliver projects as efficiently as possible.

Better Governance

Standardize your projects based on internal or built-in industry best practices. Enforce standards to ensure your team delivers all projects consistently.

Be Proactive

No more late forecast changes! EcoSys is the only solution with built-in predictability metrics and advanced forecasting capabilities to help you see what’s ahead.

Efficient Reporting

With EcoSys as your single source of project data, reporting is effortless. Save countless hours generating monthly reports and correcting errors.

Next Stop…Productivity

The transportation industry is no stranger to complexity. Transportation capital planning and projects require high levels of coordination between many stakeholders. There is constant demand for transparency, accountability, and high levels of performance.

Enterprise Project Performance technology can help transportation agencies, contractors and public-private partnerships plan and deliver capital projects more predictably, reliably and successfully. By bringing together all project data into one platform, you will see positive impacts throughout project and portfolio lifecycles – from the earliest stages of capital planning, all the way through better data management in project execution.

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Integrate Strategy and Project Delivery

EcoSys brings together critical transportation infrastructure project data into one solution for project portfolio management, project controls and project management. It delivers better visibility and control for public agencies and owners, contractors and mixed organizational structures like Public-Private Partnerships and Joint Ventures. With EcoSys, see measurable improvements to key business processes like:

Portfolio Planning & Management

  • Model the organizational budget cycle and manage the annual and out year budget planning processes.
  • Budget by department, financial and/or cost category and funding source.
  • Create unlimited budget versions and plan multi-year budgets.
  • Align agency goals with operational execution with EcoSys’ full support of Performance Based Budgeting.

Capital Budgeting & Planning

  • Manage the full lifecycle of long-range capital improvement programs – from capital plans, funding forecasts, investment prioritization, funding allocations and allocation rules, all the way to project budgets.
  • Distribute the entry of budgets, forecasts, and progress with EcoSys’ web-based spreadsheet-style data entry.
  • Import data from scheduling, ERP or general ledger systems to consolidate views of funding, budgets, forecasts, commitments and actuals.
  • Consolidate city and county plans into regional, agency and departmental plans, such as Statewide Transportation Improvement Plans (STIPs) or Transportation Master Plans, without consolidating numerous spreadsheets.
  • Align your data and submit reports according to legislative guidelines.

Fund Management

  • Manage an unlimited number of funding sources, funding rules, gain insights from funding analysis, and easily report on allocation and spending.
  • Analyze performance trends and forecasts through off-the-shelf and configured reports.
  • Track your projects’ evolution with auditable change control that enables you to manage the full history of budget changes and reprogramming efforts.

Resource Planning & Management

  • Get the most out of limited resources with full visibility into your portfolios’ and projects’ resource demands.
  • Develop and manage detailed resource capacity plans to meet demand.
  • Ensure the correct financial, human and capital resources are available when needed.
  • Quickly correct under or over utilization of resources.
  • Seamlessly integrate with the human resources, timesheet and accounting system within your ERP platform, and avoid redundant investment while maximizing software consolidation.

We automated a lot of our jobs, so we can spend time on analysis.
One report used to take a week. Now it takes 15 minutes.

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