For Water Utilities, the future lies in centralizing and interconnecting all data. As the industry digitally transforms its processes and infrastructure, there is an opportunity to leverage data to improve project outcomes.

EcoSys Enterprise Project Performance software gives you a single platform for managing your projects and portfolios. Having a centralized and standardized approach to project portfolio management, project controls and project management reduces complexity and provides full visibility into performance.


You need flexibility and agility to tackle today’s project challenges.

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Key Benefits of EcoSys for the Water Utilities Industry

EcoSys helps you manage a high volume of complex projects, giving you the tools to ensure projects are delivered on-time and within budget. Improve your project performance through:

Strategic Alignment

Optimize project portfolios by prioritizing and selecting the right mix of projects to meet stakeholder needs.

Better Visibility

Deliver projects with transparency and accountability, making it easier to monitor and report on progress.

Being Proactive

Built-in predictability metrics and advanced forecasting help you make forward-looking decisions with confidence.

The Fluidity of the Situation

For water utilities, it is more important than ever to operate with agility and flexibility. From the COVID-19 disruption forcing remote team management to become the norm, to the accelerated digital transformation of infrastructure, to the complexities associated with managing diverse stakeholders and funding sources, adaptability will be key to success in going forward.

EcoSys is the most flexible Enterprise Project Performance platform on the market. It provides the rich out-of-the-box capabilities that can tailored to meet the requirements of any project. This makes EcoSys an ideal solution for water utilities looking to manage a high volume of projects with different reporting, regulatory, resource and funding requirements.

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Integrate Strategy with Project Planning and Delivery

EcoSys brings together critical project data into a single, integrated solution for project portfolio management, project controls and project management. Full visibility into the performance of projects helps you avoid risks and issues before they occur. See measurable improvements to key business processes like:

Portfolio Planning & Management

  • Create, organize and manage portfolios in alignment with company strategy.
  • Define evaluation criteria, then score and select projects to add to portfolios.
  • Create unlimited budget versions and plan multi-year budgets
  • Optimize portfolios to ensure maximum value and impact to goals and objectives.

Capital Budgeting & Planning

  • Manage the full lifecycle of long-range capital budgets and plans – based on strategic, regulatory and operational objectives.
  • Distribute the entry of budgets, forecasts and progress with EcoSys’ web-based spreadsheet-style data entry.
  • Import data from scheduling, ERP or general ledger systems to see consolidated views of budgets, forecasts, commitments and actuals.
  • Control and manage annual spending throughout the year and avoid unplanned spending.

Project & Contract Planning

  • Create projects using standards, templates and flexible coding structures.
  • Develop detailed milestones and schedules to monitor and track performance.
  • Integrate schedule and cost information to create time-phased baselines.
  • Develop accurate cash flow forecasts.

Fund Management

  • Manage an unlimited number of funding sources, funding rules, gain insights from funding analysis, and easily report on allocation and spending.
  • Analyze performance trends and forecasts through off-the-shelf and configured reports.
  • Track your projects’ evolution with auditable change control that enables you to manage the full history of budget changes and reprogramming efforts.

At LADWP, EcoSys created an integration, reporting, and analysis hub
to address the demand for greater cost accountability and government reporting.

Los Angeles Department of Water and Power

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