About EcoSys Enterprise Project Controls Software

Javier Sloninsky, EcoSys


EcoSys EPC is a mature enterprise platform for project controls and program management information across the enterprise. It is a powerful, flexible, and easy-to-use application that reflects years of best practices from the project management and project controls industry. And it’s a system that can be deployed easily – it can be deployed over the web. It is really head and shoulders above anything else out there in this area. It’s helping make project controls more efficient, more effective, and really focused on analysis, forecasting, and predictability of projects, as opposed to having people just manually compiling reports and information. It answers the ultimate question of: What does project controls do here? What is it for? Or what does a project management organization do here? Or program management? And so EcoSys provides that platform to really launch project controls into providing value for the organization.

The team that develops this stuff has been doing this for about twenty years and we, really, overtime have seen how to help organizations effectively deploy business processes, but keeping in mind the ease of use, the issues that come around: integrating sources of information, making that as cost effective as possible, reducing the operations and maintenance costs, being able to use the most modern platforms out there. So we make heavy use of the web – web services for integration – making it a zero footprint application for your IT organization if you’re going to install it internally, or having it hosted over the Internet. And So EcoSys allows you to have the right-size processes for the smaller projects and the smaller operations, but also to be able to handle the real heavy lifting and horsepower of the megaprojects. And so that’s where, of course, the megaprojects get a lot of the focus, because in many cases they are billions of dollars; but if you look at the portfolios of smaller projects, let’s say in a Utility that’s managing their transmission and distribution projects, it very easily adds up to billions of dollars. For a high number of projects there’s a lot more moving parts to manage and so EcoSys is great at doing that.

What makes EcoSys really powerful is that it’s very flexible and we’ve got to get that right mix of creating a product that actually helps deploy standards, consistent practices globally which is a lot of where the demand is driven today, but allows us to take into account your existing and understood terminology, business metrics, your KPIs – or key performance indicators – and so EcoSys allows you to really tailor that to match what your organization already knows, and then to also evolve that gradually and have the power to do that within your organization.