EcoSys presents “How’s the Freeze Ray Coming Along?”

A fun little window into the world of super villains who lack adequate project controls…


Captain Destructo: Evil Minion, report.

Evil Minion: I’m sorry, Captain Destructo, you’re going to have to be more specific.

CD: Fine. How is the flying arctic freeze ray coming along?

EM: Good, I think.

CD: What do you mean “you think?” I am trying to conquer the world here! Will it be ready on time, and on budget?

EM: I don’t want you to threaten to freeze my hometown with a flying arctic freeze ray, again. So, yes. We are on time, and on budget.

CD: Not very convincing. What kind of evil minion cost controller are you?

EM: Well, “evil” is a bit harsh…

CD: Tell me, how much we have spent so far?

EM: I don’t know.

CD: What is our current forecast?

EM: I don’t know.

CD: What if we move funds from the Tower of Doom construction project? Will it get my flying arctic freeze ray done faster?

EM: I don’t know.

CD: Well, what do you know?

EM: I know I would know a lot more if we used EcoSys EPC.

CD: EcoSys EPC?

EM: Yes, EcoSys EPC. With that baby, I could tell you all these things and calculate earned value too.

CD: What about stolen value?

EM: You got a formula for that?

CD: You bet I do.

EM: Then yes, we can calculate that too.

CD: Mwah-ha-ha-ha! Mwah-ha-ha-ha! With EcoSys EPC, I will take over the world!