Good and Evil in the Garden of Project Controls

EcoSys presents a behind the scenes look at the conversations angels and devils have (about Project Controls, of course) when not sitting on your shoulder…


Angel: Hey, thanks for coming all the way up here.

(Somewhere in the subconscious…)

Devil: Sure, what did you want to talk about?

A: It’s about Robby.

D: Robby the cost engineer? He’s great. Loves to take my suggestions from his shoulder.

A: That’s exactly the trouble. I’m just trying to help him produce the best cost reports he can. But you always contradict me. Why?

D: Allow me to explain: those cost reports are simply too much work. I prefer that Robby put his feet up on the couch and make up the numbers. Who would know? You can’t possibly find support information in all of those Excel spreadsheets.

A: But if done the right way, we’ll get better performance on projects, lower cost and schedule variances, and higher margins for goodness sake. His reports can be a thing of beauty.

D: If we do it your way, Robby will have to create another complex masterpiece each month. No thanks.

A: What? You want all of the data to magically come together to form automated reports that are fast, easy, and accurate?

D: Sounds heavenly.

A: No. It sounds like EcoSys EPC.

D: EcoSys EPC?

A: Yes. EcoSys EPC. It’s the enterprise solution Robby and his team just put in place. Now their cost, schedule and timesheet data is integrated and reports are automated. Robby can deliver, project cost saving ideas to management, instead of compiling spreadsheets data for days on end.

D: EcoSys EPC sounds… fantastic.

A: I’ll be damned.  We actually agree on something.

D: You little devil.

The End.