Budgeting is critical for understanding and managing project funding and resource requirements. Accurate forecasting helps you analyze project performance and make adjustments to stay on budget and schedule. Together, they are the foundation, and perhaps the most important part of any project controls and project management solution.

EcoSys provides a flexible and integrated platform for budgeting & forecasting that helps you produce more accurate baselines, manage and control contingency and manage budget changes. Then you can accurately forecast the cost, time and resources needed to complete the project.





Take project planning and execution to the next level with better budgeting & forecasting.

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Key Benefits For Budgeting & Forecasting

Integrated project processes and data help you produce better budgets and forecasts. EcoSys enables:


Greater Accuracy

Develop accurate performance baselines and cashflows

Better Control

Manage and control contingency, budget changes and revisions

More Flexibility

Use different forecasting methods based on project scope or type

Accurate Budgets + Predictive Forecasts = Better Project Performance

With well-established budgets setting the baseline, forecasting is the life blood of project controls: predicting the outcome based on current trends and being able to take corrective action.

EcoSys contains powerful and robust budgeting capabilities to help you produce accurate baselines. Then leverage budgets, progress, and actuals captured within the platform to produce advanced, predictive forecasts.

EcoSys delivers a unique combination of best practice approaches for budgeting and forecasting, while providing the flexibility to follow the processes that are already established and working within your organization.

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Other Highlights of Budgeting & Forecasting with EcoSys

EcoSys’ out-of-the box capability supports budgeting and forecasting within the same software used to manage project and portfolio planning, resources, costs, changes, and performance. Leverage connected data to optimize budgets and forecasts across your enterprise.

  • Create original budgets and baselines to manage against project performance.
  • Develop time-phased budgets, forecasts and estimates to complete (ETC).
  • Derive budgets from approved estimates within EcoSys or from 3rd party solutions.
  • Manage budget reviews and approvals.
  • Plan and create contract budgets.
  • Plan and create accurate contingency requirements base on estimating confidence factors and risk analysis.
  • Create unlimited versions of budgets and forecasts.
  • Allocate and manage multiple contingency funds across the enterprise.
  • Manage and control contingency utilization
  • Develop phased contingency drawdown plans based on risk assessments
  • Workflow driven budget and forecast change management.
  • Manage and track budget changes against baselines to identify process improvements.
  • Multiple forecasting methods for projects and contracts.
  • Automated planned vs. actual period variance management.
  • Excel-like online spreadsheets deliver ease and flexibility your used to without the file management headaches.
  • Use out-of-the-box forecasting approaches or model your own in the formula library.
  • Leverage progress measurement to calculate earned value and more accurate forecasts.

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