Capital budgeting & planning is a critical step for ensuring investments support business growth. It is an important part of any project portfolio management solution. The challenge is that budgeting and planning approaches can vary by the size or type of organization, division or project.

EcoSys provides a flexible and integrated platform for capital budgeting & planning that tailors to unique processes across your enterprise. Manage annual budgets and long term capital plans to confidently deliver maximum value for your business.





Make sure your capital budgets and plans support your long term business strategy.

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Key Benefits For Capital Budgeting & Planning

Improve capital efficiency and better control annual spending. EcoSys enables:


Strategic Alignment

Ensure short- and long- term budgets and plans align to objectives

Invest with Confidence

Gain accountability and measurability of investment decisions

Improve Performance

Define and communicate benefits-driven plans to improve performance

Plan for Success

Even within a single organization, the workflows to create, review, approve and change capital budgets and plans can be quite different between divisions, functional areas, or projects. As a result, the software that you choose must adapt your processes, rather than force you to change your processes to fit the software.

EcoSys delivers best practice approaches for capital budgeting and planning while providing you the flexibility to follow your own processes that are already established and working. Managing all project portfolio management and project controls & project management processes in one environment gives you the visibility to deliver multi-year capital plans that facilitate organizational growth.

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Other Highlights of Capital Budgeting & Planning with EcoSys

EcoSys’ out-of-the box capability supports capital budgeting and planning within the same software used to manage and control project portfolios and costs, changes, and performance. Leverage connected data to optimize the use of capital across your enterprise.

  • Create and manage annual spending plans.
  • Make budgeting decisions that are accountable and measurable.
  • Manage monthly spend plans with accurate forecasts.
  • Monitor current plans against baselines and snapshots to identify potential process and personnel issues.
  • Create scenarios and initiate changes to improve capital efficiency and control annual spending.
  • Develop multi-year capital plans to deliver long term strategic priorities.
  • Create accurate and benefits-driven plans to communicate to internal and external stakeholders.
  • Define and communicate how capital plan will improve performance and drive growth.

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