Fund management is a critical process for ensuring funding is employed in a way that maximizes business value. It is an important part of any project portfolio management solution. All organizations face the challenge of managing funding information – whether for departmental budgeting, joint venture funding, project funding, or public sector grants, taxes and bond issues.

EcoSys provides robust fund management capabilities in an integrated platform. Optimize the way you manage funds by connecting funding rules at the strategic portfolio level with tactical project controls and project management progress and performance data.



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Key Benefits For Fund Management

Optimize fund management across the enterprise and throughout the project lifecycle. EcoSys enables:

Strategic Alignment

Ensure funds are utilized in accordance with your plans

Greater Efficiency

Improve funding allocation, request and approval workflows

Quick Insights

Analyze fund utilization and identify areas for process improvement

Follow the Money

While organizations may have a good handle on current funding, approval status, and where funds are allocated, they often lack visibility into project and operational execution. This makes it difficult to assess whether funds are effectively used for their intended purpose, and near impossible to take corrective action in a timely manner.

EcoSys connects fund management with other project portfolio management and project controls & project management processes. This gives you full visibility of funding – from creation and definition through to allocation and utilization. The more you can see how funds flow throughout the project and portfolio lifecycle, the better you are able to identify trends and correct under and over utilization of funds.

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Other Highlights of Fund Management with EcoSys

EcoSys’ out-of-the box capability supports fund management within the same software used to manage and control project portfolios and costs, changes, and performance. Leverage connected data to optimize the use of funds across your enterprise.

  • Create and define funds by intent, type and purpose.
  • Manage hundreds of fund sources with different rules and purposes, ensuring all “colors of money” remain in compliance.
  • Align funding releases with project cashflow forecasts.
  • Control fund source access to limit over utilization against funding plan.
  • Align funds to resource plans and project schedules.
  • Control fund utilization in accordance with fund purposes and funding release schedules.
  • Integrate fund planning and fund request processes for more efficient management of funding.
  • Receive immediate response to funding requests to quickly assess options to move projects forward.
  • Analyze funds to identify potential under- or over-allocation.
  • Re-allocate under-utilized funding to other projects.
  • Rebalance portfolios to maintain strategic alignment.
  • Identify bottlenecks in the funding request and approval processes.

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