Portfolio planning and control is a critical process for ensuring strategic goals and objectives are met. It is an important part of any project portfolio management solution. To maximize effectiveness, you need software that connects your organization’s strategy with project execution. You need to be able to set portfolio direction, select the right projects, and course correct when the portfolio isn’t performing optimally.

EcoSys provides a complete approach to portfolio planning and control in one integrated platform. Select the perfect mix of projects to deliver planned benefits and results. Then, measure project performance and predictability to determine where corrective action is needed. Finally, control risk and manage changes to optimize, balance and strategically align.


Don’t make decisions in a vacuum. Take an integrated approach to portfolio planning and control!

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Key Benefits For Portfolio Planning & Control

Optimize project portfolios across the enterprise. Create portfolios, identify opportunities and select projects, and monitor performance. EcoSys enables:

Strategic Alignment

Prioritize and select projects most aligned to business strategy and goals

Portfolio Optimization

Run what-if analysis to visualize the impacts of portfolio changes

Performance Analysis

Manage and improve portfolio performance with KPIs and predictability metrics

Integrated Portfolio Planning & Control
Makes You Agile

Portfolio management helps ensure your projects and strategy align. But neither projects nor business strategy are static. Priorities are always changing. Success is a moving target.

EcoSys connects strategic portfolio planning and control with real-time project data. This allows you to make better, more agile portfolio management decisions as your business needs evolve. Leverage powerful dashboards to see live portfolio and project performance. Drill down to identify trends and issues. Make quick adjustments to keep portfolios balances, optimized and strategically aligned.

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Other Highlights of Portfolio Planning & Control with EcoSys

EcoSys’ out-of-the box capability supports portfolio planning and control functionality within the same software used to manage and control projects and costs, changes, and performance. This helps you manage portfolios more effectively and optimize resources across your enterprise.

  • Create portfolio breakdown structures according to strategic goals and objectives.
  • Periodically review status of goals and objectives to ensure planned portfolio benefits are realized.
  • Monitor performance against cost, schedule and control KPIs.
  • Validate project opportunity submissions based on defined requirements.
  • Sort and review opportunities based on standard scoring.
  • Expedite project review and approval with stage gate workflows.
  • Identify the most impactful projects and develop the ideal portfolio balance.
  • Create what-if portfolio scenarios to help optimize available resources.
  • Understand portfolio performance to manage and adjust by exception.
  • Identify issues and drill down into root causes based on established KPIs.
  • Rebalance portfolios to maintain strategic alignment.
  • Quickly make changes, add opportunities and modify goals.
  • Measure predictability across project portfolios to identify trends and process improvements.

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