Understanding where you are, where you should be and what needs to be done to move forward with confidence are critical to successful project delivery. But disconnected and siloed data can be a major barrier.

EcoSys provides insights across the enterprise to quickly identify trends, take action and improve project performance.


Understand project performance like never before.

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Key Benefits For Progress & Performance Management

Monitor and measure project progress across the enterprise. Gain insight into what really drives project performance. EcoSys enables:

Realize Benefits

Set clear goals and objectives and stay on track

Improve Performance

Define KPIs to measure, monitor and learn from your projects

Consistent Efficiency

Integrate systems and processes, enabling standard measurement methods and controls

Better Measurement = Better Performance

EcoSys adds credibility to progress measurement by reducing subjectivity, providing discrete and granular measurement and establishing standards for tracking completion within projects and across portfolios.

Leverage industry-leading integrations to achieve “digital progress measurement,” connecting data from scheduling, accounting/ERP, timesheet, design, construction management, materials management and document management systems. Automate reporting and percent complete calculations. Facilitate consolidation of information and roll-ups of project status.

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Other Highlights of Progress & Performance Management with EcoSys

EcoSys’ out-of-the box capability supports progress measurement and performance management functionality within the same software used to manage and control project and portfolio costs, changes and resources.

  • Produce accurate values using flexible progress methods.
  • Track progress based on any measure – cost, hours, quantities, schedule, directly-input percent complete and more.
  • Bring together progress information from virtually any source, from scheduling systems like Oracle Primavera P6 or Microsoft Project to EDMS and modeling software.
  • Feed performance metrics through automated integration with Financial/ERP and timesheet systems.
  • Standardize milestones and rules of credit.
  • Perform productivity analysis by project, discipline, resource, etc.
  • Perform earned value analysis including earned schedule.
  • Utilize Independent Estimate At Complete (IEAC) values for scenario analysis.
  • Measure and assess performance using portfolio and project level KPIs.
  • Drill down to understand root causes and take corrective action.
  • Integrate resource, schedule and change management.
  • Improve business processes by analyzing project delays and hold-ups.

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