Maximizing project performance is impossible without good project and contract administration. It is an important part of any project controls and project management solution. You must be able to effectively communicate and collaborate throughout the project lifecycle to keep projects on track.

EcoSys provides an integrated platform for project & contract administration that delivers greater efficiency and visibility. Key insights help project managers make better decisions and drive project success.


Make sure your projects and contracts run smoothly.

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Key Benefits For Project & Contract Administration

Improve the efficiency of project and contract management across your enterprise. EcoSys enables:

Efficient Communication

Easily track meeting minutes, action items and lessons learned

Greater Collaboration

Effectively manage RFIs, submittals and transmittals

Insights for Improvement

Identify process improvements to improve project quality

Keeping Projects on Track

Project performance hinges on the ability of project teams to make good decisions. If projects are poorly administered, it reduces efficiency and limits decision making ability. This often results in project overruns.

EcoSys provides a single environment for project portfolio management and project controls & project management. This eliminates silos and improves collaboration, driving better alignment to reduce risk and keep projects on track. Project managers are able to spend less time managing data, and more time making decisions that add value to projects.

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Other Highlights of Project & Contract Administration with EcoSys

EcoSys’ out-of-the box capability supports project and contract administration within the same software used to manage and control project and costs, changes, and performance. Leverage connected data to project management across your enterprise.

  • Associate meeting minutes and action item with project issues.
  • Create complete audit trail between meeting actions, issues and project changes.
  • Manage the completion of actions to allow any risks, issues or changes.
  • Share project lessons learned across the business to allow similar projects, processes or scenarios to take advantages past experiences.
  • Track and communicate all project safety items in a single platform. Ensure all actions are tracked and closed out quickly.
  • Report all safety incidents and issues to understand the necessary process and procedure improvement needs to prevent future incidents.
  • Integrate Project and Contract Punch Lists with lifecycle stages.
  • Define close out deliverables and pre-requisites for gate review and acceptance.
  • Clearly communicate requirements to prevent incomplete submissions.
  • Include lessons learned in formal close out process.
  • Implement RFx management process to identify the best vendors.
  • Distribute and receive submittal and transmittal packages using workflow-driven processes.
  • Ensure all stakeholders have access to the latest document versions.

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