Enterprise-wide resource management is a critical process for realizing project benefits. You need flexible software that aligns to your organization’s business strategy and structure while delivering real-time visibility of the resource trinity: capacity, demand and availability.

EcoSys provides a holistic approach to resource planning and management in one integrated platform. Manage all types of resources: human, equipment, materials and financial. Plan resources over any time horizon, with short and long-range views for any resource profile. Easily incorporate external resource capacity and demand sources – like HR and scheduling systems – with EcoSys’ integration architecture.

Take a holistic approach to resource management. Do more with less!

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Key Benefits For Resource Planning & Management

Plan and track resources across the enterprise. Produce accurate resource, cost and schedule forecasts. EcoSys enables:

Resource Optimization

Create and manage plans and scenarios to balance capacity with demand

Strategic Alignment

Utilize resources on projects most aligned to business strategy and goals


Manage demand using integrated estimates, project plans, forecasts and performance

Integrated Resource Management Drives Performance

It’s the resources that turn business strategies into reality. EcoSys gives you direct access to resource demand and utilization across all portfolios, programs and projects. Develop resource capacity plans quickly. Allocate and optimize resources based on project plans and forecasts. Monitor progress and measure performance at the project level to identify potential changes needed to keep projects on track. Built-in reports and dashboards enable early identification of problem areas.

When availability issues arise or changes occur, rapidly adjust capacity or demand plans. Ensure projects have the resources when and where they’re needed to avoid delays.

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Other Highlights of Resource Planning & Management with EcoSys

EcoSys’ out-of-the box capability supports resource management functionality within the same software used to manage and control project and portfolio costs, changes, and performance. This helps you optimize resources and reduce idle time across your enterprise.

  • Develop detailed resource plans based on capacity, capability and availability.
  • Allocate resources in accordance with business goals and priorities.
  • Analyze and manage resources to prevent under- and over-utilization.
  • Use resource performance benchmarks during estimate creation and to monitor progress during execution.
  • Ensure all stakeholders are involved in the request, evaluation, balancing, and assignment process.
  • Develop detailed demand plans, whether by resource type or named resource.
  • Create and manage resource requests using EcoSys Visual Workflows.
  • Accurately forecast future resource requirements using innovative progress and forecasting methods.
  • Automatically leverage data from design, engineering, procurement and construction management systems.

Connect Key Process Areas for Unique Solutions

Resource Planning & Management is just one of the essential processes in EcoSys that serve as building blocks for exceptional project portfolio management and project controls & project management solutions.

Portfolio Planning & Control
Resource Planning & Management
Fund Management
Capital Budgeting & Planning
Project & Contract Planning
Estimating & Benchmarking
Cost Control
Progress & Performance Management
Risk Issue & Change Management
Budgeting & Forecasting
Project & Contract Administration
Document Management

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