Contract management and coordination are key to successfully delivering projects while ensuring contract compliance. EcoSys Contracts provides the tools needed to effectively control contract costs and facilitate collaboration between owners, agencies, and contractors, and subcontractors. Maximize returns, build business relationships, improve behaviors and exceed performance goals with out-of-the-box processes based on industry best practices.

Key Benefits

Effective contract management requires immediate access to real-time accurate contract and project data. EcoSys Contracts, integrated with EcoSys Projects, offers the ideal solution to manage contracts.


Expedite creation and management of contracts and changes

Reduce Risk

Ensure all contract information is stored in one repository, updated via a set of standard workflow processes

Build Relationships

Strengthen supplier, customer and partner relationships with effective communication and collaboration

Excellent Contract Management Equals Optimal Projects Performance

How connected is your current contract management process with live project performance data? With EcoSys Contracts, they’ve never been closer. Better information helps contract managers to proactively control contract deliverables, costs, changes, risks, and issues. Avoid delays by identifying potential cost and schedule overruns early. Then assess, verify, and approve contract changes quickly. The impact of project changes on contract budgets and forecasts has never been clearer.

EcoSys Contracts enables organizations to successfully negotiate, execute, manage, modify, and close out contracts between owners, agencies, contractors, and sub-contractors:

Procurement Planning

Create and manage proposals, bids and contracts. Evaluate clients and vendors to identify and select the right opportunities and teams to deliver projects successfully.

Vendor & Bid Management

Manage vendors, review bids and award contracts based on pre-defined scoring and ranking techniques. Optionally incorporate existing bid registers to provide continuity, thereby increasing EcoSys platform adoption.

Contract Budget & Cost Control

Create and manage detailed contract budgets, value of work done and payments by line item. Monitor progress and completion of deliverables and tasks from contract award to close out. Calculate forecasts based on performance and potential changes.

Contract Change Management

Manage review and approval of contract changes in accordance with project performance. Associate contract changes with project cost and schedule overruns while automatically maintaining an audit trail.

Claim Management & Resolution

Identify claims, assess validity, evaluate merit and magnitude, and determine resolution strategy.

Field Progress Management

Along with EcoSys Mobile (optional), capture progress, communicate status, and report issues in the field. Instant notification and communication with the project team allows for alternatives to be assessed so accurate and timely decisions are made.

Contract Administration

Collaborate and share information with clients, customers, and contractors. Create meeting agendas, capture action items, assign responsibility, and use workflow to manage progress and status. Use EcoSys Visual Workflows to manage effectively manage RFIs, submittals, and transmittals.

Now we can link the data, we can develop metrics that we weren’t able to in the past.
We can assess what drives our business, what factors we need to pay attention to.

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