Project outcomes are only as good as the decisions made by project teams. Effective document management is a key driver of good decisions, facilitating communication and collaboration across all project stakeholders.

EcoSys Documents is a cloud-based common data environment for document management and workflow automation. Powered by Bricsys 24/7, EcoSys Documents is a cost effective way to build robust document management capabilities into your Enterprise Project Performance solution. Ensure the right document is always in the right hands at the right time.


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Key Benefits of EcoSys Documents

Introduce seamless collaboration across all projects in your organization, and improve your document management process:

Increase efficiency

Save time by having all your project files accessible in a single location

Gain Control

Create transparency and improve compliance with workflow automation and audit trails

Cost Effective

Easy to implement, adopt, and maintain for an unlimited number of EcoSys users

Build Confidence Through Effective Document Management

You’ve probably been there before…trying to find the latest version of a document needed to get your job done. It is a frustrating, but all too common experience that only gets worse as a project’s complexity and number of stakeholders grows.

EcoSys Documents eliminates this issue by providing a single location for all project files. It lets you easily manage access rights to all documents to make sure the right people are working on the right documents. Automated approval workflows, versioning capabilities, and full audit trail improve accuracy, efficiency and control. With EcoSys Documents, document management will change from an obstacle into a driver of success.
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Other Highlights of EcoSys Documents

Make sure your project teams have access to the latest version of any document. Organize documents in a structured and efficient way:

  • Cloud-based common data environment for document management.
  • Supports 70+ document formats.
  • Role-based access and security for an unlimited number of EcoSys users.
  • Share or view documents, create revisions and notify others.
  • Keep track of all revisions and log all modifications.
  • Lock files for editing, and revert to previous versions.
  • Create forms to capture structured input.
  • Automate approvals with strong workflow capability.
  • Create placeholders for documents you expect to create/receive during a project.

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