In projects-driven organizations, high performance means delivering the right projects, on time and on budget. Enterprise Project Performance (EPP) is the philosophy that you can only sustain high performance by considering how ALL projects and resources contribute to business objectives.


What is Enterprise Project Performance Software?

Enterprise Project Performance software is project portfolio management, project controls and project management software all in one platform. EPP software provides an enterprise-wide perspective into what drives project success, and integrating key processes throughout the full lifecycle of projects and portfolios.



The Business Case For Enterprise Project Performance

Learn how the right EPP software leads to better performance, realization of business outcomes and financial benefits including:

  • Project cost savings of 5% to 10%.
  • Reducing opportunity costs by 10% to 30%.
  • IT and PMO cost reductions of 20% to 40%.

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Key Benefits of EcoSys Enterprise Project Performance Software

EcoSys is the industry leading EPP platform, trusted by leading organizations around the world to unify the strategy and execution of projects and portfolios. EcoSys drives cost and schedule optimization through:


Eliminate time consuming, low-value and error-prone manual processes


Identify issues and forecast outcomes early to keep projects on time and within budget


Standardize portfolio and project management processes and continuously improve

A Unique Solution for Today’s Project Challenges

EcoSys is the only solution in the industry that combines portfolio management, project controls and project management in one platform. Improve outcomes by removing barriers that typically prevent you from confidently planning and executing projects, thereby:

  • Freeing people’s time to do their jobs – do the work that matters most instead of low value activities like data collation, formula checking and error correcting.
  • Empowering better decisions – key insights are based on accurate and up-to-date data, allowing you to make a positive and timely impact.
  • Driving alignment – everyone is on the same page and using the same processes, procedures, reporting, tools and data.

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What makes EcoSys unique? These key differentiators set EcoSys apart from the competition:


A Single Solution for the Full Lifecycle

The process areas supported by EcoSys cover the full lifecycle of any project size or type. While robust enough to handle the most complex megaprojects, EcoSys also allows you to easily adopt best practices and standard processes appropriate for smaller projects. This means you can leverage the benefits of centralized data and real-time insights on every project in your organization.



EcoSys provides a seamless information flow between processes for portfolio management, project controls and project management. This allows automated integration and, built-in analytics & reporting to replace manual processes. An easy-to-use user interface drives user adoption and productivity.



Built-in predictability metrics based on CII methods supports timely decisions. Key performance indicators (KPIs) help you spot trends and incentivize good behaviors. Leverage past project data to improve future project forecasting.



Using a single solution for all projects helps support governance and compliance initiatives. EcoSys improves the accuracy of variance analysis and monitoring, as well as the effectiveness of performance, risk and change management. Multi-currency and language capabilities make the software truly global.


Technology & Architecture

EcoSys is the only solution on the market that provides the optimal experience for every user to ensure minimum effort – with tailored dashboards, spreadsheets, reports, workflows and more.

EcoSys is the most flexible EPP platform on the market. It’s no-code configurability means it can be configured and maintained by business users, not IT. EcoSys provides the ideal combination of rich out-of-the-box capabilities that often meet 90% of a customer’s needs with the unrivaled ability to tailor the solution to deliver the remaining 10%.

EcoSys frees up our project managers’ time to focus on
managing projects rather than crunching numbers.

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Create a Culture of Confidence

EcoSys will help create a culture of confidence that will result in better project performance. Project professionals, project teams and executives will build and reinforce confidence through:

1. Thinking Long Term: Short-term decisions can impede long term success. EcoSys helps you think, plan, execute strategically with long-term goals in mind.

2. Doing the Right Things: Know you are doing the right thing rather than relying on gut feel. Systematically approach project planning and execution based on industry best practices.

3. Mastering Complexity: Remove the burden of project complexity. No longer feel crippled by compiling data, eliminating errors and reporting. Be free do work that truly impacts performance. De-risk your projects and portfolios efficiently.

4. Following Through: Do what you say you’re going to do. Change behaviors and drive predictable results. Gain the respect of your clients, suppliers, supervisors and peers.

5. Getting Things Done: Accomplishments breed confidence. Hit your goals, realize intended benefits and deliver ROI throughout the entire project lifecycle.

6. Measuring Progress: You can’t improve without measuring progress. Visibility into the performance of projects and helps you know you are improving by monitoring progress against key KPIs.

7. Making Informed Decisions: Put your data to work for you. Real-time reliable data arms you with the ability to back up your decisions right at your fingertips. Never again feel unprepared to answer tough questions.

8. Institutionalizing Success: Do more of what makes you successful. Analyze trends to identify key factors of success, then standardize them across projects for repeatable success.

EcoSys Solutions

EcoSys is an integrated software platform for:

Project Portfolio Management

Align organizational strategy with project delivery. Bring together critical information for unparalleled visibility into performance so you can optimize portfolios and resources.

Project Controls & Project Management

Automate and standardize work processes, resulting in more time spent on value-adding activities. Accurately measure progress, confidently forecast outcomes and dramatically improve performance.

Specialized Solutions

EcoSys also supports specialized work processes for Earned Value Management and Turnaround Management tailored to your specific needs.

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