EcoSys Projects provides robust, easy-to-use progress measurement capabilities to maximize the accuracy of progress reporting. With improved accuracy and efficiency, organizations in turn improve project performance and execution. Projects adds credibility to progress measurement by reducing subjectivity, providing discrete and granular measurement, and establishing standards for how to track completion within a single project and across portfolios of projects.

Progress data can be maintained directly within EcoSys Projects or obtained by leveraging the system’s industry-leading integrations with scheduling, accounting/ERP, timesheet, and document management systems. Automate reporting and percent complete calculations. Facilitate consolidation of information and roll-ups of project status.

Progress Measurement Solution Highlights

  • Measure progress based on various techniques including milestones, weighted steps, value of work done, physical percent complete, earned value, Level of Effort, earn as planned, and more
  • Create and populate centralized libraries for rules of credit, reflecting standardization and lessons learned on work packages
  • Implement standardized rules of credit/milestones to eliminate subjectivity on progress
  • Integrate activity progress from scheduling systems like Oracle Primavera P6 or Microsoft Project
  • Feed performance metrics through automated integration with Financial/ERP systems for actual expenditures, and timesheet systems for resource hours
  • Integrate with document management systems to track progress based upon document completion status
  • Perform productivity analysis by project, discipline, resource, or any other key attribute
  • Track progress based on any measure – cost, hours, quantities, schedule, directly-input percent complete, and more


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