Whether you’re an owner or a contractor, it can be challenging to manage the execution of contracts, respond to changes, and make sure contracts align with project and organizational goals. EcoSys brings together contract management and project management with a seamless flow of data for greater efficiency, accountability, and visibility into project performance.


A lot of times organizations are good at selecting vendors and developing those contracts, but where it becomes much more challenging is in managing the execution of contracts, tracking the progress of those contracts, identifying and responding to issues as they come up and making sure that all aligns with the project’s goals.Whether you’re an owner or your contractor, there can be from a contract perspective many, many changes. Those need to be tracked and processed. At the same time those changes need to be seen within the perspective of the project funding, the project budget, and what changes the project organization can bare.

Sometimes you have really rapid approvals of small change, and some changes need to flow in the project organization and to different disciplines for approval.

Organizations sub out a lot of work to contractors, need a way to be able to see how contractors are reporting performance and compare that against the project’s goals and the projects performance.

Most of the tools on the market are solely contract management solutions and don’t integrate in with the project management side, so you’re always jumping from system to system and information gets lost in the process.

EcoSys Contracts Management module addresses one of the key short comings our customers have found with Contract Management solutions in the market place. That is the ability to execute contracts successfully and monitor the execution of contracts, at the same time align that to the processes that are happening within the Project Controls environment.

Having that integrated system between Contract Management and Project Controls, makes those touch points easy to support, as well as alert you much more quickly where overruns might occur.

EcoSys also lets you differentiate between the progress that a contractor is reporting and the progress that the project team is taking responsibility for.

The value of having Contract Management within Project management is that you seamlessly integrated that data so that information flow is efficient.

Another aspect of this comes with our mobile technologies. From a diverse team of contractors and people in the field, you can get information much more quickly.

For people who may not be using the Contract Management on a daily basis, but they have key information about how the project is progressing, where issues are arising, they can report that into the same system that’s integrated across the project.