EcoSys has long been the industry standard for enterprise project controls software, but with the addition of products for portfolios and contracts management, it now becomes the first software solution for full life cycle Enterprise Projects Performance.



With the release of EcoSys 8, Hexagon PPM has announced an expanded commitment to helping organizations improve their performance across projects. EcoSys has long been the industry standard for Enterprise Project Control software, but with the addition of Products for Portfolios and Contracts Management, it now becomes the first software solution for full lifecycle Enterprise Projects Performance.

What makes EcoSys unique is the seamless integration between its three products – EcoSys Portfolios, EcoSys Projects, and EcoSys Contracts. Having portfolio, project, and contract data in one system provides organizations with a holistic approach to maximizing returns and margins — something that cannot be found in any other commercial solution.

EcoSys Portfolios allows you to easily prioritize and select projects to include in your portfolios. It ensures that you’re focused on the right projects, the ones most likely to succeed.

Utilizing project data from EcoSys Projects, to create performance benchmarks, Portfolios is the only solution capable of recycling data throughout the lifecycle of projects.

EcoSys Projects remains the global standard for Enterprise Project Controls. It provides you with industry best practices to better measure forecast and improve on-time and on-budget project delivery. It does this by improving standardization, automating integration with your ERP and scheduling tools, increasing efficiency in reporting and analysis, and providing greater visibility into project outcomes.

EcoSys Projects also integrates with Intergraph Smart® Materials, Smart® Construction, and Smart® 3D.

To automate progress measurement and enable 5D visualization, a first for the industry, EcoSys Contracts helps you apply best practices for communication, tracking, and managing changes of contracts.

By integrating with EcoSys Projects, Contracts helps you fully understand the cost and schedule impact of changes before contracts get out of control.

EcoSys 8 also introduces new rapid implementation capabilities which allow you to be up and running in 45 days or less. Now you can enjoy the benefits of this world class Enterprise Projects Performance platform quicker and easier than ever.

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