Get a quick overview of EcoSys, an enterprise projects performance software platform that helps projects-driven organizations maximize returns and margins by bridging the gap between strategy, planning, and execution. Consisting of three products (EcoSys Portfolios, EcoSys Projects, and EcoSys Contracts), EcoSys acts as a centralized hub for all project and opportunity related data. It is the only software in the industry that integrates the disciplines of portfolio management, project controls, and contract management seamlessly into one enterprise solution.



For organizations delivering the world’s biggest projects or managing the most complex portfolios … the risks are higher than ever.

As the scale and complexity of today’s projects increase, there’s a greater need for visibility across the enterprise. Both owners and contractors need a better way to select, control, and deliver the full lifecycle of projects…predictably and efficiently.

If you’re still relying on ad hoc workflows and siloed data to operate, success is difficult to see, let alone achieve.

That’s where EcoSys from Hexagon PPM comes in.

EcoSys Enterprise Projects Performance software was purpose-built to maximize returns and margins across the full lifecycle of projects and portfolios…all from a single platform. It bridges the gaps that currently exist between strategy, planning, and execution—at every level of the organization.

From project portfolio management, to project controls, to contract management, EcoSys connects all the dots to provide a holistic view across projects, contracts, departments, and business units.

Imagine a new opportunity arises….

With EcoSys, you can evaluate it against current project priorities to make sure your portfolio is optimized and aligned with organizational strategy.

Greenlight and accommodate the new project by re-prioritizing and reallocating resources.

Predict the impact to cost and schedule across your portfolio.

Then, manage the contracts and change orders needed to make it all happen.

When unforeseen issues occur, EcoSys gives you insights early, to make better, more informed business decisions while there’s still time to take corrective action.

By natively combining portfolio, project, and contract management into a single, flexible solution – with robust out-of-the-box capabilities — EcoSys delivers superior efficiency, predictability, and control throughout a project’s lifecycle to maximize returns and margins.

See why some of the biggest names in the business already connect their enterprise with EcoSys.

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