November 16th, 2016

As projects become more complex and difficult to manage, the lack of connected information can lead to massive project over-runs and the inability of projects to deliver on their initial promise. A project controls system becomes an essential navigation device to running your project.

See how EcoSys enables flexibility while promoting best practices to ensure better project delivery.


Customers come to us and ask us how we can help. Once they’ve really looked at how they run their projects, they determine that there’s a lot of very difficult problems that have a lot of visibility at their organizations: first and foremost, massive project over-runs.

The number of over-runs is astronomical. Organizations that haven’t really implemented a project control solution tend to be suffering through working in a lot of disconnected silos. It takes them so much time to compile the information about the current status of a project, that they’re always looking backwards and not looking ahead.

Executives at these organizations start to look around and say, “Surely there must be a better way to plan and manage and execute these projects?”

And really that’s one of the key benefits of bringing in EcoSys EPC is. You know we’re trying to take all that information, all of that compiling of information and automate that.

EcoSys can come in and really provide a lot of out-of-the-box best practices. These are best practices used by the world’s most reputable project delivery companies: big engineering organizations and big EPC firms that really have become known for how well they can deliver projects.

People can come in there and very easily see their data. There’s a lot of visual capabilities: dashboards, business intelligence. A lot of the user-friendliness people have come to expect in other aspects of their life, when they use systems, we’ve really applied to EcoSys.

EcoSys is an incredible repository of project history, project and project information. We help organizations do better analytics by being able to provide all of the information on their projects in a consistent way that’s much easier analyze. So I can look and compare across projects.

EcoSys is really fortunate to be part of Intergraph, now we’re able to combine all the information, so somebody can take a look at a 3D rendering or an interpretation of what’s being delivered and see all of the project controls information just come to life.

All projects will change. Everything’s changing over time. Especially as a project is multi-billion dollars, its many years. A lot may happen during that time. Then it becomes fundamental that you have a project controls system, processes around it, so that you can better manage those changes.

A project controls system becomes an essential navigation device to running your project. Not having a project controls system is like having a ship out there, that doesn’t know where it’s going, and it’s going to hit an iceberg.