March 29th, 2016

Get a quick glimpse into the capabilities and benefits that enabled EcoSys to become the global standard for enterprise project controls software.


Capital projects are complex, regularly suffering from large budget and schedule overages. To make significant improvements to these project outcomes, there’s a major problem: The critical data needed to control projects is scattered across numerous, disconnected systems.

Traditionally, the only way to bring this information together is by manually compiling spreadsheets. This takes forever, leads to mistakes, and leaves project teams with a poor understanding of how their projects are doing and where they’re going. Addressing problem areas quickly is grueling if not impossible.

Welcome to EcoSys EPC, the global standard for enterprise project controls software — A web-based platform to help measure, forecast, and boost project performance across your entire portfolio.

Out of the box, EPC delivers powerful project controls best practices from planning through project delivery – with the ease and familiarity of a spreadsheet.

As your data integration hub, EPC provides real-time project performance to project managers, cost analysts, and executives, eliminating surprises.

Finally, reports are automated through the built-in business intelligence engine. Now, your highly trained staff can stop crunching numbers and focus on high-value actions that put your projects back on track and keeps them there.

Using EcoSys EPC, customers gain efficiency and reduce project cost overages. Combined, these benefits pay for the software many times over, year after year.

Visit EcoSys online and learn about improving your project performance.