August 31st, 2017

Any time an organization brings in a new software application, the sooner they can show results, the more buy-in they will have into that system. EcoSys supports rapid implementation for individual projects, programs and departments or small to mid-size organizations. Made possible by the out-of-the-box capabilities of Portfolios, Projects and Contracts, EcoSys can be fully implemented and running in 45 days or less.



Anytime that you’re bringing in a new system, a new application, people are looking for results and the sooner that you can show results the more buy-in that you have into that system.

Project Control Systems can actually be brought up and running pretty fast. We have customers of implemented systems in three weeks, four weeks and that’s really been a lot of our focus as vendors is how we can get companies up and running more quickly.

A lot of our customers come to us looking for a project control solution, but they’re also looking to implement standards as part of it. Well, we have some customers that have very mature project controls processes and they’re looking for a solution that can support those processes.

A lot of times organizations are also looking for us to help adopt good best practice processes. With EcoSys, we have an out-of-the-box solution that supports really rapid deployment where customers can choose to adopt all of the years of learning and experience we’ve had, and all the industry knowledge we have into a standard solution out of the box.

That means you can stand up EcoSys within a month, a couple months, and train users on that standard process.

We’ve spent a lot of time over the years figuring out what’s the best way that you can implement software quickly but not miss any of the steps so that you can make sure that the user has a good experience when they first start using the system.

By all of that experience we’ve come up with what we call a QuickStart approach which allows us to not cut any steps, but move quite quickly and move through it in a very understandable and organized fashion so that we make the right decisions about what features to use and how to deploy them.

We train all the users, we get all the project information in, and then people are using it very, very quickly.
We focus on helping organizations make decisions about which practices to use.

When we run our discovery workshops during our implementation phases. We show you a lot of the different ways that you can control projects from estimating to completion.

We help you make decisions about which of those practices and processes that you can employ. We can meet maybe make recommendations based on what we’re seeing about the types of that you’re running and the way your organization is structured that might work best for you.

The nice thing about EcoSys is that you can then, as you mature and as processes evolve, EcoSys can then adopt with you those new processes.

We’ll have customers who look to us to help and the solution delivers the best practice out of the box and other customers who have very good processes and they look to our solution to adopt and deliver those processes.

The nice thing about EcoSys is we can support the whole range of customers within that spectrum.

Our implementation process actually applies to all components of the EcoSys technology: the web applications, mobile applications, the reporting. It’s all looked at holistically, so that you have a complete solution once the implementation is complete.

We want to make sure our customers are implemented as quickly and as successfully as possible. The real true test of that is whether the users are happy with the application that they’re using.

If the users are having a positive experience then we’ve had a successful implementation. That’s something that we’re constantly refining on