C&I Engineering is an employee-owned engineering, procurement, and construction management firm offering a wide range of services for refineries, chemical plants, utility facilities, and more.

C&I’s consultants typically work for multiple clients at the same time, so it is important to ensure they are doing the right thing at the right time. Leveraging EcoSys Enterprise Project Performance software enables C&I to maximize value add by optimizing resources, increasing predictability, capturing knowledge, gaining quick insights, and streamlining work processes.


Want to learn more about how EcoSys maximizes value by helping C&I’s employees efficiently allocate their time to projects? Read the full case study.



C&I has been in businesses since 83, a little over 35 years. We primarily work in the oil and gas sector.
We do regionally work in utilities, beverage, chemical, few other areas.

We typically operate in what I would call the “midcap” sector, so 1 million to 40 million. We feel comfortable that space. We can provide high quality engineering package.

One of our separators, or differentiators if you will, is a spirit of ownership.

That spirit, it goes all the way down to every employee and they all understand that they’ve got to drive customer service, solution oriented people, people that want to serve and add value.

We have individuals working on multiple customers, multiple sites weekly, and they need to be doing things that add value. We never really adopted an overall system that, that could handle the way we manage projects. And as we get larger it’s become a must.

Adopting that and understanding how we can create platforms that are supportable through the future and expandable as we continue to grow, and that’s where Ecosys came in. And, we decided that was the best platform for us to leverage four different softwares and a myriad of Excel sheets into one place so you have one true dataset, and then leverage that with that business system so that we can then really go the next level with our ability to report with our ability to monitor as well as ability to onboard new people with how we want projects executed.

That set data, one point source of truth in one place that we could before was in 30 Excel spreadsheets. Now it’s in one database and we can see trends, we can work it by individual, we can work it by team, we can work it by client.

Now it’s all there for the more of a dashboard which allows them to more quickly react to issues or, or just see how the team’s performing if there needs to be adjustment or whatever.

We try to create work plans for folks on a daily basis, uh, which is staffed and in progress weekly.
Each engineering department is worried about keeping people billable and so where are they working on or they have a billable work. So that’s usually a migrated out for months.

All these together in one place really did sync things up for us to be able to maximize people doing the right thing at the right time. It’s kind of one of our mantras is to make sure we’re doing intelligent things, not just something to keep people busy.

That was the biggest driver for us in our, and our biggest thing we can leverage going forward.

We’ll get very predictable and we can now we have this massive data that we can see either a trend or not a trend.

We know we have people that aren’t predictable enough and need to get better at their ability to forecast and you know, live real time tell us where they’re going. That really changed our culture and more integrated the company, which I think is a good thing.

In the future we’re going to look to how we can migrate more of our business into the EcoSys.

I think it’s definitely a strategic tool as we go forward.

It’ll just help guide us so we’re doing the right thing. Are we still profitable? Are we still adding value?

So then hopefully that leads to better proposals, better execution, in the future.