June 22nd, 2016

EcoSys’ Christen Bergerud penned an article for Construction Executive’s Tech Trends newsletter, which explores how EPC companies can overcome barriers to IT adoption and integration.

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Construction projects, which traditionally created an enormous amount of paperwork, are increasingly digital. This transition from paper to digital creates vast amounts of data trapped in silos across a multitude of different systems ranging from scheduling to accounting, finance, HR and many more. As more digital information is generated, there is an opportunity to harness the data and leverage it to make smarter business decisions.

Yet, innovation and productivity gains in the construction industry have been meager compared to the advancements of other industries, due to a number of factors ranging from poor organization and inadequate communication to flawed performance management, contractual misunderstandings and poor planning.

The technology exists today–from analytics to mobile apps, Internet of Things (IoT), wearables, robotics and drones–to transform how the EPC market collects, analyzes, manages and stores data, and ultimately to enable productivity gains and stronger capital project management. However, while many EPC professionals see technological advancements as the top trend that will transform their business, a move to invest in these technologies has been slow compared to IT adoption in other industries.

So what are the barriers to mainstream IT adoption in the EPC market and how can the market overcome those barriers?

See Christen’s full article to learn more about the barriers to mainstream IT adoption in the EPC market and how the market can move towards greater productivity and efficiency.