EcoSys, the global standard for project controls software, recognizes MWH Global, L.A. Metro, and AREVA for achieving industry-leading innovations with the EcoSys EPC (Enterprise Planning & Controls) software platform that drive efficiency in project control and improve project performance.

EcoSys, provider of easy-to-use, web-based enterprise project planning and cost controls software, announced the winners of the 2013 EcoSys Innovation Awards. The winning organizations, MWH Global, Los Angeles Metro, and AREVA, received their awards during this year’s EcoSys User Conference in San Diego. The Innovation Awards is an initiative to recognize customers of EcoSys EPC (Enterprise Planning & Controls) who are using the software to innovate within the project controls discipline resulting in positive impacts on project performance.

The 2013 EcoSys Innovation Awards were presented in three (3) categories:

  • Innovation in Project Controls – Private Sector: Under constant pressure for stronger project outcomes and higher margins, private sector companies face many project controls challenges. This award recognizes a company’s strides and advancements in successful project controls that help drive project and cost performance.
  • Innovation in Project Controls – Public Sector: Organizations in the public sector must execute projects and programs efficiently and effectively while under the vigilant watch of the taxpaying public. This award acknowledges innovations and advancements in public sector project controls that help improve visibility, efficiency, and performance.
  • Applied Innovation: With a particular emphasis on specific configurations of EcoSys EPC, this award recognizes an EcoSys customer’s leveraging of EPC’s configurability and flexibility to create new and innovative interfaces, processes, reports, or screens to achieve a particular goal or objective.

The winners of the 2013 EcoSys Innovation Awards and their accomplishments are:


MWH Global, iNet Implementation of EcoSys for Americas G&I

MWH’s use of EcoSys EPC allows project controls staff, project managers, business unit leaders, and financial staff to see cost and revenue in one single place for the past, present, and future. This innovation has provided MWH with the competitive differentiators of increased speed, better control, and better decision making, which result in better quality, reduced overruns, and improved profit.

Noteworthy elements of the implementation include role-based access to well-organized historical data and forecasts and automated integration of data forming a central repository with drill-down visibility from portfolio to project to transaction level detail.


Los Angeles Metro, Program Management Department

At LA Metro, EcoSys EPC was implemented to support Measure R, currently the largest transportation spending program in the U.S. Facing heightened visibility and accountability including annual independent audits and reports to taxpayers, Measure R projects use EcoSys EPC as the central hub for cost data in their Project Management Information System. Successes achieved include integrated systems, timely reporting, process standardization, increased transparency including feeding summary-level information to the public facing website, and improved communication.



AREVA was successful in implementing EcoSys EPC to support the vision that the same enterprise Earned Value Management System can support projects that require compliance with ANSI 748 EVM standards, as well as other projects that don’t have this requirement but still need to follow EVM best practices. Their implementation allowed for flexible processes and standards that scale to the level of detail and rigor to match the requirements and complexity of each project. Having this flexibility in EcoSys EPC has empowered AREVA’s PMO to lower costs associated with project controls, while increasing the maturity of the processes and data used to control and measure the cost and scope on their projects.


About EcoSys
EcoSys is fast becoming the global standard for enterprise Project Controls software. EcoSys’ easy-to-use web-based platform, EcoSys EPC, helps organizations worldwide plan and manage project portfolios, control project costs, and improve project performance. EcoSys has worked with over 250 customers worldwide in industries including oil, gas and chemicals, utilities, mining, engineering and construction, transportation, IT, government, and government contracting. EcoSys is headquartered in Denver, with offices in New York, Houston and London.