In project-driven organizations, IT roles are expected to lead transformation initiatives, drive the adoption of emerging technologies and increase operational efficiency. But in practice, they often spend their time and focus struggling with a complex and cluttered project system landscape and the difficult task of connecting and integrating disparate software and applications. 

The EcoSys Enterprise Project Performance (EPP) platform helps reduce this complexity by replacing manual processes, in-house solutions, and legacy software. As organizations grow, the EcoSys solution scales to meet growing requirements, preventing the need for IT teams to rip & replace software every few years, further reducing complexity.  The solution is fully “cloud ready” which provides flexibility for potential mandates of hosted or SaaS solutions. Lastly, the solution offers greater flexibility and value to their internal stakeholders, with a single-pane-of-glass view of projects, portfolios and resources.

EcoSys easily integrates data and process areas between systems and lifts the burden from their business users, allowing them to focus on more high-value objectives.

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Key Benefits For Information Technology Leaders

Streamline your project technology ecosystem while enabling your people to do more with less. With EcoSys’ ease of implementation, you can benefit from:

High Configurability

Implementing needed changes and updates takes less time and effort without software customization

System Consolidation

Bringing together disparate systems and siloed tools allows for the decommission of legacy systems


Industry-leading integration capabilities, connecting with other vital systems within your organization to create a unified digital environment

Enabling Digital Transformation for Continued Project Success

Organizational success is a team effort. Just as everyone is dedicated to their own excellence and the company’s core competency, their unique contributions are the driving force behind successful project execution

Meet Julie, Karl, Ingrid, and Ali, who work for an Engineering, Procurement, and Construction company. Executives, project professionals, finance, and IT, need a forward-looking digital approach to gain consistent, real-time visibility into performance, compliance, and spending. Unreliable and inefficient data integration processes hinder innovation. Let’s dive deep into their individual challenges and how they can overcome them.

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I don’t know that there’s another system on the market that could do everything we have done with EcoSys. You would need four or five other platforms.

Project Manager, Engineering Consulting

The EcoSys Technology Advantage


EcoSys drives business success by allowing you to consolidate many systems, tools and spreadsheets into an enterprise project powerhouse.

System Consolidation

EcoSys excels at bringing previously siloed project data together, giving you greater visibility into performance.

Mobile Platform

Empower the projects organization to deliver mobile apps without increasing the burden on internal IT teams.

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