As an executive, you need to ensure your organization is staying ahead of the competition. To be truly best-in-class, you need transform the way you select and execute projects. The EcoSys Enterprise Project Performance (EPP) platform works alongside your ERP system to create a framework for strategic planning and delivery. This ERP/EPP combination empowers executives with an understanding of the best way to achieve business targets, all while increasing organizational efficiency and transparency. Planning and executing projects based on organizational strategy on an industry leading EPP platform provides a compelling competitive edge, helping make digital transformation a reality.

This two platform ERP/EPP strategy consolidates many point solutions, spreadsheets and databases that stifle productivity, performance, and visibility. EcoSys gets you the most from your limited resources while positively changing culture and behaviors, avoiding surprises, and ultimately growing your business.

Key Benefits

By eliminating data siloes, providing real time insights, and improving process standardization across the enterprise, EcoSys delivers:


Real-time view into portfolio and project performance to ensure alignment with strategic roadmaps


Gain investor confidence by consistently delivering projects on time and within budget


Implement standard portfolio and project management processes to support continuous improvement

Deliver More Predictable Projects, Avoid Surprises

EcoSys is the only solution on the market with built-in predictability metrics based on industry-leading research from the Construction Industry Institute (CII). This groundbreaking capability allows you to measure, score, and incentivize project teams based on early identification of issues and accurate forecasts of project outcomes. Drill down into the causes of poor performance to learn the key characteristics of high performing projects and project teams while there’s still time to take corrective action. Analyzing, benchmarking, and comparing the predictability of project teams promotes a culture of transparency rather than secrecy.

EcoSys provides a holistic view of all projects in your organization, helping you achieve your mission through:

Strategic Alignment

Selecting and delivering projects aligned to strategy. Constantly review and assess portfolio strategic balance to ensure the right projects are being executed at the right time. From inception to close out evaluate project impact on portfolio value to achieve organizational financial, performance, and growth targets.

Resource Optimization

Develop and manage detailed resource capacity plans in accordance with project demands. Ensure the correct financial, human, and capital resources are available when needed and any under or over utilization of resources is corrected quickly. Seamlessly integrate with the human resources, timesheet, and accounting system within your ERP platform, avoiding any redundant investment while maximizing software consolidation.

Reducing Risk

Align strategy implementation with tactical execution of projects and contracts. Make calculated, informed decisions to help reduce risks and avoid cost and schedule overruns. Never again leave a potential change unseen, as EcoSys Visual Workflows provide a natural and intuitive way to automate your portfolio, project, and contract management processes across the enterprise.


Avoid late reports and multiple versions of the truth via powerful dashboards with context-specific drill downs from project-level KPIs to reveal critical, time-sensitive issues from poor productivity to incompliant contracts. This new level of transparency empowers business managers, executives, and project teams to take proactive action that can make a real difference to the project outcome and bottom line.

Business Intelligence

Functional dashboards and reporting provide immediate insight into performance at all levels of detail – without the burden of external reporting tools or maintenance data warehouses.


Relax knowing all projects and portfolios across your enterprise are following standard processes, flexible enough to accommodate all nuances of your business. EcoSys Visual Workflows ensure data flows from department to department, avoiding costly bottlenecks and communication breakdown. Perhaps the best part is knowing you’re not duplicating investments made in your ERP platform, as EcoSys was designed from the ground up to seamlessly integrate with platforms like SAP, Oracle EBS, JD Edwards, and more.

With EcoSys, we are able to analyze project data faster, improve project predictability, and exceed the expectations of our clients.

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