The complexity of today’s projects and portfolios has made it difficult to achieve consistent success. The difference between how engineering and construction projects are expected to perform and how they actually perform is often significant. This leads to a lack of management confidence in project teams.

Want to exceed expectations, and put your career on the fast track? You need a solution that gives you the tools to make an impact. EcoSys allows you to spend more time on high-value work and gives you real-time insights to support decisions that drive performance.


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Key Benefits For Project Professionals

EcoSys Enterprise Project Performance software allows you to successfully bridge the gap between expectation and reality by improving:


Spend less time managing data and focus on improving project delivery


Adopt consistent processes based on industry and your own best practices


Quickly identify project trends, issues and successes

What Does a Day in Your Life Look Like?

Are you having a good or bad project experience?

It is Friday afternoon. You have a big project review meeting on Monday with a group of executives. They just asked you to update some charts before the meeting with new KPIs and the latest data. Is it time to panic?

If you’re like many project professionals, this kind of request is common, but also stressful. You will likely end up spending your weekend getting ready for the meeting. And you still might not feel very confident if asked where some of the numbers came from. But it doesn’t have to be that way. With EcoSys, all of the data you need to do your job is at your fingertips, in real-time. See what a good project experience looks like:

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Increase efficiency, and drive cost and schedule optimization with:

Built-In Business Intelligence

Intuitive dashboards and reports provide visibility into portfolio and project performance. Spreadsheets, bubble charts, gauges, pie charts and Gantt charts provide rich, real-time insights. Make confident and proactive decisions that reduce cost and schedule.

Optimized Resources

Plan and manage resources at the enterprise level. Balance capacity against demand to ensure resources are available at the right time. Analyze utilization against baselines and benchmarks to identify and correct issues.

Agility & Flexibility

Start with EcoSys’ built-in processes as a foundation. Then tailor EcoSys to support how you deliver projects. Easily provide executives and project teams access to accurate and relevant data.

Global Scalability

EcoSys is an ideal solution for any number of users or projects. It has the ability to mature and grow with your organization.With extensive multi-currency and localization capabilities, EcoSys is ready to help you take on the world. Its technology architecture is highly sustainable and scales according to modern IT standards.

Other Highlights of EcoSys:

One Database. One Login. Many Experiences.

EcoSys is a centralized hub for all project and opportunity data. It is the only software in the industry that combines portfolio management, project controls and project management processes into one solution. There’s one database, one login and many tailored user experiences based on organization type, project size and complexity.

Services When You Need Them

Setting up and modifying EcoSys does not require IT resources or custom programming. Our customers manage EcoSys with business users. Our expert services team is available for initial implementations, training or to supplement your in-house skillset.

A Heritage of Project Excellence

EcoSys was created by the original developers of Primavera P6. With a close-to-the-customer philosophy, EcoSys makes complex projects more manageable and empowers organizations to keep up with change.

EcoSys has given us a robust and easy-to-use financial planning system, and is a core component of F4E’s project management infrastructure.

Head of Project Management

Fusion 4 Energy

EcoSys Solutions

Project Portfolio Management

Align organizational strategy with project delivery. Bring together critical information for unparalleled visibility into performance so you can optimize portfolios and resources.

Project Controls & Capital Project Management

Automate and standardize work processes, resulting in more time spent on value-adding activities. Accurately measure progress, confidently forecast outcomes and dramatically improve performance.

Specialized Solutions

EcoSys also supports specialized work processes for Earned Value Management and Turnaround Management tailored to your specific needs.

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