Achieving capital efficiency translates to lower costs, increased profits, and heightened competitive advantage. It requires a clear understanding of your business, efficient monitoring, and the means to improve the return on capital employed (ROCE).

EcoSys was designed to help maximize returns on capital expenditures. By improving predictability and control across the entire project lifecycle, EcoSys ensures the right decisions are being made from project portfolio creation though efficient project execution and close out. Executing projects aligned to corporate strategy and growth goals maximizes returns on investment.

Key Benefits

With an eye on reducing cost of ownership and accelerating organizational growth, EcoSys delivers:

Decision Support

Identify, validate, and select projects with high probability of success


Integrate portfolio, project, and contract data for performance tracking and optimal decision making


Real-time insight into issues, trends, and potential overruns to support early and effective corrective action

Limiting Risk. Expanding Returns.

Deciding where, when and how to allocate capital expenditure requires the ability to make quick, confident, and correct choices based on practical and accurate data. Program and project delivery is complex, fraught with risk and uncertainty. EcoSys helps mitigate risk and improve predictability with an integrated approach to portfolio, program, and project management. Select, execute, and control the right projects aligned to strategic priorities and resource capacity.

Improve productivity, maximize returns, and move forward in the confidence provided by EcoSys. Implementing ground-breaking predictability metrics that promote positive changes in behavior and culture, helping deliver new levels of transparency to dynamically enable corrective strategies.

Leverage the EcoSys Enterprise Project Performance platform to enhance your capital efficiency:

In EcoSys Portfolios:

Identify and compare opportunities using tailored what-if scenarios to maximize the chances of selecting the projects most likely to deliver required returns or margins. Balance these opportunities and projects in accordance with strategic objectives and resource constraints.

Develop and manage short and long-term capital expenditure and resource plans using benchmarks and predictability analytics to better control project budgets and forecasts. Analyze portfolio performance against pre-defined and custom financial and performance metrics, then easily and intuitively drill-down into underlying details and root causes.

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Strategic Planning
Capital Budgeting & Planning
Funds Management
Resource Planning
Pipeline Management
Project Development
Portfolio Optimization & Control
Detailed Estimating & Budgeting
Change Management
Risk & Issue Management
Performance Management
In EcoSys Projects:

Produce accurate forecasts quickly and frequently using methods based on performance and productivity trends. Identify and mange project changes, issues, and risks early to allow corrective actions and alternatives to be assessed before it’s too late. Develop and execute risk mitigation plans to minimize and control cost and schedule impact.

Leverage powerful integration capabilities to ensure all related data is compiled into a single repository across the enterprise – no more disjointed databases and spreadsheets that obscure the truth and stifle effective decision making.

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