Successful delivery of today’s complex projects requires an environment that allows owners, architects, engineers, consultants, suppliers, and contractors to collaborate and communicate efficiently. To meet aggressive cost and schedule targets, construction managers need a solution that supports integrated processes for planning, estimating, scheduling, risk management, quality assurance, and value engineering in one enterprise platform.

EcoSys is a fully integrated solution that facilitates collaboration between project stakeholders throughout design, planning, and execution. Access project and contract data in a single solution to make justified, informed, and auditable decisions.

Key Benefits

EcoSys provides visibility and real-time access to information as well as standardized best practices. To help minimize cost overruns and limit schedule delays, EcoSys delivers:


Manage project and contract information in single solution

Improved Quality

Increase efficiency, reduce errors, and improve data quality with integrated processes

Optimized Productivity

Focus on value added activity versus data collection

Construction Management, Streamlined and Simplified

EcoSys improves efficiency, reduces costs, and maximizes resource utilization. Manage the entire construction process within a single platform; from selecting the right projects, budgeting, planning, and execution through close out. EcoSys brings an unrivalled level of simplicity, collaboration, visibility, and access to meet the ever-growing demands of the construction industry.

Leverage EcoSys Portfolios, Projects, and Contracts to mitigate cost overruns and schedule delays across your enterprise:

In EcoSys Portfolios:

Build and manage resource plans that balance project demand with resource capacity. Identify and manage construction risks. Assess and communicate potential risk impacts and perform risk impact scenario analysis. Maintain projects performance benchmarks for use during estimating and for predictive analytics of future performance. Quickly identify and address poor performance by measuring against KPI’s and targets. Manage the development of opportunities and projects using workflow enabled stage gate processes.

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Benchmarking & Concept Estimating
Resource Planning
Pipeline Management
Project Development
Planning & Scheduling
Change Management
Performance Management
In EcoSys Projects:

Create project plans and charters. Develop milestone and detailed project schedules to track completion of tasks and deliverables. Integrate data from ERP systems and time and cost management systems to automatically extract, transform, and load cost, schedule, and progress data. Define project specific KPI’s to maintain required levels of performance, quality and execution.

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In EcoSys Contracts:

Manage and control contract budgets, changes, and forecasts. Associate project changes and issues with changes to contract values. Develop and implement standard construction management processes for RFIs, transmittals, submittals, payment applications, meeting minutes, and many more. Report progress and issues direct from the field using EcoSys Mobile capability.

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Procurement Planning
Vendor & Bid Management
Contract Budget & Cost Control
Contract Change Management
Claim Management & Resolution
Field Progress Management
Contract Administration