Contractual misunderstandings directly lead to poor project performance. With a global average cost increase of 80% and schedule slippage of 20 months, owners, contractors, and subcontractors have turned to trusted contract management software to drive success. EcoSys Contracts integrates with project management data to provide greater visibility into project and contract performance.

Integrated Cost Reporting with EcoSys Projects

EcoSys Contracts is designed to help organizations successfully manage the life of contracts. It allows owners, contractors and subcontractors to communicate quickly and easily on all contractual communications – including management of RFIs, changes, submittals, and payment certificates – while enforcing all approval workflows and maintaining auditable documentation of each communication.

Additionally, as befitting EcoSys’ deep heritage in project cost controls, EcoSys Contracts is uniquely powerful in its ability to plan, track and forecast contract costs, as well as fees and margins, on even the most complex contracts. Contract managers can leverage this information to anticipate risks before they are realized and contract parties can efficiently communicate and share information in a real-time or near-real-time fashion.


  • Easy-to-use Excel-like cloud software
  • Available mobile apps
  • Flexible collaboration
  • Stores all construction documents
  • Robust contract cost controls
  • Time-phased budgeting, forecasting and tracking of costs, fees, hours, and quantities
  • Rates and pricing
  • Advanced multi-currency management
  • Robust progress measurement
  • Support for multiple techniques
  • Support for online progress reporting by contractors and automated feeds
  • Flexible reporting & analysis
  • Program-level contracts
  • Support for all contract types
  • Seamless integration with EcoSys Projects
  • Easy integrations with accounting, procurement, and project systems
  • Robust security
  • Rapid implementation