Cost management is essential for any projects-driven organization, but you can’t reduce budget overages without access to the right data at the right time. How can you predict where you are headed without an accurate picture of where you are now?

EcoSys provides real-time access to data through automated interfaces. Utilize performance benchmark analysis based on all active and completed project. Standardize cost management processes across your enterprise.

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Key Benefits For Cost Management

EcoSys enables you to better forecast costs so you can limit overruns. Apply cost management best practices to your projects, portfolios, and contracts with:


Spend more time managing costs and less time gathering data


Analyze project cost performance at any level of detail across your enterprise


Manage costs consistently across all project teams

Integration + Automation = Better Cost Management

EcoSys combines industry best practices and company-specific processes into a single cost management solution. Create estimates, calculate forecasts, and develop project controls plans easily through automated interfaces with financial, scheduling, and other project management systems.

Manage costs of all types: revenues, expenditures, resources, effort, quantities, and more. Time-phase using any method or data source to create accurate cash flow profiles and performance baselines.

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Leverage EcoSys Portfolios and Projects to systematically apply cost management best practices across your enterprise:

In EcoSys Portfolios:

Manage and maintain annual and multi-year capital budgets. Identify and develop capital plans using workflow-driven stage gates. Evaluate, rank, and select projects. Allocate and track funds from source definition through to project utilization. Ensure funds are spent according to their intended purpose using defined business rules. Develop parametric concept estimates based on benchmarks captured from past projects performance. Quickly summarize and report on any attribute at the portfolio, program, or project level.

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Capital Budgeting & Planning
Funds Management
Pipeline Management
Project Development
Portfolio Optimization & Control
Detailed Estimating & Budgeting
Change Management
Risk & Issue Management
Performance Management

In EcoSys Projects:

Develop detailed estimates and budgets consistently across all projects. Standardize budget, contingency, change, and forecast management processes. Time-phase based on any method or data source. Analyze project cost data using up-to-date dashboard and reports. Manage and control cost impact of changes, risks, and issues in real-time using EcoSys Visual Workflows. Measure project progress and analyze trends to identify cases of poor and strong performance.

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