Earned Value Management (EVM) uses industry standard or custom metrics to measure, forecast and improve projects performance. The foundations of EVM are positive predictors of project success, yet organizations often struggle to assemble the planned values, progress, actuals, and schedule data to effectively support EVM initiatives.

EcoSys supports all levels of EVM needs — ranging from fundamental EV metrics like Cost Performance Index (CPI) and Schedule Performance Index (SPI), to support for standards like EIA-748 required for some government agencies and contractors. EcoSys is a scalable solution, allowing organizations to apply the appropriate level of rigor to their projects and processes, while adapting as EVM needs change over time.

Key Benefits

Through advanced integration and built-in business intelligence, EcoSys automatically brings cost and schedule data together for accurate and timely EV reports. EcoSys provides:


Integrate cost, schedule, risk, and progress from any source to save countless hours


Better progress measurement with fewer manual processes reduces errors


Real-time analytics and indicators maximize EVM impact

Right-Sized EVM

Earned Value Management does not need to be a burdensome process adopted for only the most complex projects. We often advocate for an approach known as Right-Sized EVM. These are a set of core processes, inputs, and outputs that are appropriate for the scope and complexity of each type of project, and are practical to maintain. The result is a manageable EVM system that provides insight into projects performance and drives informed business decisions.

EcoSys for EIA-748

EcoSys provides extensive support for the 32 criteria that define a validated EIA-748 system including Control Account definition, the Work Breakdown Structures (WBS) beneath each Control Account as well as Organizational Breakdown Structures (OBS).

EcoSys automates the generation of the standard Integrated Program Management Reports (IPMR), C/SSR, and CFSR reports, supported by integration with ERP and financial systems as well as scheduling, timesheet, and other enterprise systems. EcoSys also provides its own scheduling engine, typically used in the early phases of projects or on small projects.

EcoSys also incorporates extensive change management processes, ensuring that adjustments are maintained in a fully auditable historical record.

Additional Earned Value Highlights
  • Fully tailorable terminology, EV/Progress rules, and progress cycle. Organizations using EcoSys Projects are not bound to rigid terminology and techniques
  • Ability to provide cumulative and time phased data for Earned, Planned, and Actual Values
  • Define and view custom Independent Estimates At Complete (IEAC) using the EcoSys formula builder
  • Roll up EV across projects for visibility into programs, portfolios, divisions, etc.

EcoSys supports all the foundational EVM processes for analysis and performance management:

In EcoSys Projects:

Assemble all the components needed for earned value – schedule, cost, planned values, progress – and then calculate your key performance indicators. Automatically create reports to allow project teams to identify performance issues early, assess impact, and determine corrective actions.

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Planning & Scheduling
Detailed Estimating & Budgeting
Change Management
Risk & Issue Management
Performance Management
Field Progress Measurement
In EcoSys Contracts:

Use web and mobile app capabilities to capture progress and status in the field. Identify and immediately communicate issues and incidents to the project team to reduce delays and promote informed decision making.

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