Asset Investment Planning (AIP) is leveraged by capital-intensive organizations to plan for the long-term maintenance and/or replacement of their assets. AIP ensures both the investments allocated to asset care and the performance of those assets are optimized.

Hexagon’s EcoSys bridges the gap between Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) and Project Portfolio Planning to deliver a more holistic approach to AIP. With it’s connection to the HxGN EAM solution, EcoSys enables business leaders to optimize scenarios regarding asset investments, empowering enhanced efficiency and maximized returns

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Key Benefits For Asset Investment Planning

EcoSys’ ability to connect asset-related systems with the project lifecycle allows enterprise-wide data to work cross functionally, providing:

Greater Confidence

Easily identify the best combination of projects to craft the best possible portfolios that negate the biggest risks

Enhanced Flexibility

Quickly pivot resources when business objectives or conditions change

Improved Predictability

Predict the current and future performance of assets to avoid unforeseen spending spikes

The Wholistic Approach to AIP

Traditionally, AIP solutions have struggled to use and interpret mission-critical data as many capital-intensive organizations have relied on a fractured web of asset and project management solutions, causing a lack of visibility that paralyzes decision-makers. 

To combat this, industry leaders are leveraging EcoSys to tie asset performance to project selection and planning. EcoSys users are presented with different investment portfolio scenarios that are automatically analyzed to identify the best combination of projects to counter the biggest risks. As a result, resources are maximized and asset maintenance and replacement become more efficient due to perfectly timed projects.

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Additional Asset Investment Planning Highlights

Improve productivity 

Leverage automated reporting and data compilation to reduce human error while allowing employees to focus on more high-value tasks 

Achieve greater uptime and output 

Get the most out of your assets by maximizing their health and efficiency throughout its entire life. 

Mitigate Risks 

Identify asset risks quicker and enable teams to pivot their attention and resources more effectively. 

Meet Compliance Standards 

Ensure your assets align to all regulatory requirements by requiring users to follow the standards while using the EcoSys platform. 

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